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1Zycus P2P Implementation Case Study – Jawbone
2Contract Authoring – Scripting the Contract Story
312 Steps to Strategic Sourcing – Zycus
410 Tips on Improving Overall Profits through Effective Contracting – Zycus
5Five Trends Shaping the Future of Procurement – Zycus
6Smart P2P – Next Generation Procure-to-pay Processes – Zycus
7The Procurement Value Proposition: The Rise of Supply Management – Zycus
8The P2P Playbook – Planning for Success – Zycus
9Accelerating Supplier Enabled Innovation Harnessing the True Power of Supplier Relationship Management(SRM)
10All In On Analytics: Running Your Procurement Organization by the Dashboard Lights
11Benchmarking And Beyond: The New Metrics For Measuring Procurement Success In The Digital Age
12Building Blocks for a Robust Supply Chain: Balancing Supplier Performance and Risk
13Procurement Leadership in the Digital Age: Redefining Technology, Agility and Adaptability
14Knowledge Hub Details
15COVID-19: Addressing Procure-to-Pay Risk using AI Powered Technology
16Digital Procurement – Beyond COVID-19
17Driving Supplier Collaborations in the Times of Social Distancing
18Ensuring Business Continuity in Crisis of Covid-19
19Eliminate Third-Party Contract Clause Risk Through Smart Zycus A.I. Contract Risk Bot & Force Majeure Bot
20Forging a strong friendship with bots – Making bots work for Procurement
21SIG Procurement Technology Summit 2020: Future Proof Procurement – Digitize Today for Tomorrow’s AI Powered Procurement
22How Selecting the Right Solution Provider Comes Down to Assessing Their Performance During A Crisis
23How to reimagine your digital procurement strategy
24How to Identify and Mitigate Vendor Risk
25Look Under the Hood: How to Get Spend Visibility and Uncover Savings Potential in your Procurement Process
26Making Magic: How P2P Makes the Complex Appear Easy
27Look under the hood: How to get Spend visibility and Unlock Savings Potential in your Procurement Process.
28Making Remote Procurement Work: Strategies and Tools to Manage Business as Usual in An Unusual New World
29Managing the People & Technology Change Requirements for Procurement 4.0
30Next Gen Tools to Elevate your Accounts Payable Team with Artificial Intelligence
31On Demand Webinar: Curtiss Wrights “P2P Behind the Mask: Hiding Complexity from Your End Users.
32Peak P2P Performance: What Its All About
33Procurements Return on Compliance: What it Takes and What its Worth to Implement Compliant Procurement
34Procurement’s Role in Impact Management and Recovery Planning
35Procurement Stalwarts Discuss An AI-Powered Transformation of P2P
36Reduce Financial Risk through smart identification of Force Majeure clause
37Reforming the Sourcing Process: Digitalize your Sourcing Process with seamless collaboration with internal stakeholders and Suppliers
38Source-to-Pay in 60 Days: Digitize to Drive Maximum Process Efficiency
39Supplier Risk Assessment Program Best Practices
40Supply Chain Resilience: Now & Beyond COVID-19
41On-Demand Webinar: The Key to Relationship Success in Procurement | Zycus
42The Three New Priorities That Will Redefine Procurements Role In A Post-COVID-19 World
43Transform invoice processing with Merlin Invoice Extraction BOT
44Turbocharge your AP process with Merlin AP Smart Desk BOT!
45Transforming Procurement With Next-Gen AI Driven Technologies
46Uncover the hidden saving potential: How to get deep visibility in your current spend to identify hidden savings opportunities
47The Superheroes of Procurement: Acquiring and Accessing Procurement’sSuperpowers
48Built To Last Part 1: Procurement Transformation – Zycus
49Built To Last – Part 2: Three Paths to a Successful Procurement Transformation – Zycus
50CPO Game Changer Series Volume 2: New and Improved Technology
51Hackett Purchase to Pay Benchmark Report – Zycus
52Huge Decision for CPOs, Australia and New Zealand – Zycus
53Procurement Challenges & Motivations – Zycus
54Procurement Performance Pulse Report – Australia/New Zealand 2011
55Procurement Performance Pulse Report – Australia/New Zealand 2011
56Pulse of Procurement Report 2012 Australia & New Zealand – Zycus
57Pulse of Procurement 2016 – APAC Edition – Zycus
58Pulse of Procurement Report 2013 Europe – Zycus
59Pulse of Procurement Report 2013 Asia – Zycus
60Pulse of Procurement Report 2012 Australia & New Zealand – Zycus
61Pulse of Procurement & Spend Management – UK – Zycus
62Pulse of Procurement & Spend Management – UK – Zycus
63Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement Thinking – Zycus
64Seven Keys to Better Sourcing and Supplier Management – Zycus
65Cost Optimization Secrets: Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management Realign Costs and Protect Revenues – Zycus
66Taking a 360 Approach to Supplier Management – Zycus
67The State of Strategic Sourcing: Building a Context for the Next Decade – Zycus
68Talent Management 2012 – A Benchmarking Perspective – Zycus–a-Benchmarking-Perspective-2012
69Talent Management 2012 – A Benchmarking Perspective – Zycus
70Ten Megatrends and Insights for the European CPOs – Research Report
71The year of the Supplier: Perspectives on Supplier Management – Zycus
72Hackett Purchase to Pay Benchmark Report – Zycus
73Pulse of Procurement 2015 Part1 – Zycus
74Pulse of Procurement 2015 Part 2 – Zycus
75Pulse of Procurement 2016 Europe Edition – Zycus
76Sailing Downstream: Why Source-to-Settle Defines Procurement Transformation in 2015 – Zycus
77Pulse of Procurement 2016 Part 1 – Zycus
78The Drivers and Barriers to Effective User Adoption of Procurement Technologies – Zycus
79The Procurement Agenda 2015 – and Beyond – Zycus
80Zycus Procure to Pay Benchmark Report Part 2 – Zycus
81Zycus Procure to Pay Benchmark Report Part 1 – Zycus
824 Key Procurement Objectives for 2014 – Zycus
835 Steps for effective supply chain management – Zycus
84Zycus Procure to Pay Benchmark Report Part 1 – Zycus
85High-Tech Companies Raise the Stake for eSourcing – Zycus
86The Evolution of Spend Analysis and the Rise of Big Data – Zycus
87The State of Purchasing in Middle Eastern Companies – Zycus
88The Why, What & How of Contract Management – Zycus
89Aberdeen’s Spend Intelligence Benchmark Report 2006 – Zycus
90Aberdeen’s Spend Analysis Benchmark Study 2007 – Zycus
91The CPO’s Agenda 2009: Smart Strategies for Tough Times – Zycus’s-Agenda-2009-Smart-Strategies-for-Tough-Times-Benchmark-Report-Aberdeen
92Procurement Contracts – Real Value, Real Returns – Zycus
93Strategic Sourcing in EMEA – Zycus
94The CFOs view of Procurement: Same Page, Different Language – Benchmark Report – Zycus
95The State of Strategic Sourcing: Building a Context for the Next Decade – Zycus
96CPO Game Changer Series Volume 1: Early Engagement – Zycus
97Contracts as a Connector – The case for improved contract management – Zycus
98Zycus P2P Brochure
995 Lessons for Midsized companies to Drive Procurement Performance – Zycus
1006 imperatives for CPOs: Intent on driving business performance improvement – Zycus
101A 7 Step Guide to Strategic Sourcing – Zycus
102The Path to Procurement Excellence – Zycus
103The Path to Supplier Management Excellence – Zycus
104Leveraging technology to drive business performance
105Procurement Lessons from World War I – Zycus
106Download Whitepaper: How prepared are you to combat risks within your supply chain?
107Podcast – Decoding the ForresterWave for eProcurement
108Zycus Expert Speak: Role of Robotic Process Automation in the future of Procurement
109Invoice Workflow Automation (IWA) Report
110The Internal Customer Experience in P2P
111Understanding E-procurement, Part 1: Quantifying the Benefits – Zycus
112Knowledge Hub Details
113Hey Nineteen: Procurements Playbook for 2019
11410 Key Measures to Manage Indirect Spend – Zycus
1153 Building blocks of a smart AP office
116Knowledge Hub Details
117A Four Step Guide to Procurement Transformation – Zycus
1184 pillars to Procurement Technology Adoption (Europe edition) – Zycus
1194 Ways to Boost Procurement ROI – Zycus
1205 Steps to navigate from Opportunities to Savings – Zycus
1215 Steps to Realizing Value from Contract Lifecycle Management – Zycus
1225 Ways the Oil and Gas Industry can Boost Savings and Profits – Zycus
1236 Attributes of a Best-in-Class Accounts Payable Operation
1246 Steps to Reduce Costs and Improve Cashflows
125Building a business case for P2P – Zycus
126Building An Effective Contracting Process – Zycus
127Creating Agile Supply chains -The role of technology – Zycus
128Driving collaboration through Contract Management – Zycus
129Get Competitive with Supplier Metrics – Aligning performance improvement drivers – Zycus
130Leveraging Procurement Technology in BFSI sector (Europe specific) – Zycus
131Procurement Enhancement: A BFSI perspective – Zycus
132Procurement Finance Collaboration – Zycus
133Procurement Initiatives driving Business Performance – Zycus
134Procurement SIMplified with Supplier Information Management – Zycus
135Raising the grade on higher ed spending: A 7-step roadmap for bringing spend man – Zycus
136Scripting The Contract Story of a Company – Zycus
137Raising the stakes for eSourcing – Zycus
138Software Implementation – Getting Taxonomy Spot On – Zycus
139The Supply Risk Explosion – Building a business culture that can cope – Zycus
140The looming talent crisis in procurement and how technology can help – Zycus
141Transcending Spend Analysis: Supplier and Commodity information as key drivers to spend management – Zycus
142User Adoption – The Fuel that Drives eSourcing Success – Zycus
143A CFOs Guide to Procurement and Invoice Management Benchmarking
144A Sneak Peek Into Basics Of Procure-To-Pay
145A Winning Strategy to Supplier Enablement: The Pyramid Approach
146Account Payables Report Card: Survey Findings
147Knowledge Hub Details
148An Introduction to Blockchain: A Transformative Technology of The Modern Times (Part I)
149Analyze This – Top 10 metrics to strengthen organizational procurement practices – Zycus
150Areas Procurement Can Gain From In An Evolving Supply Chain
151Knowledge Hub Details
152Building a business case for Strategic Sourcing Suite
153Digital Transformation of Accounts Payable: From a Cost Center to a Strategic Asset
154Driving Procure-to-Pay User Adoption Through Change Management Focus – Zycus
155Knowledge Hub Details
156Essential Components of a World-Class Supplier Performance Management Tool : A MENA Perspective
157Future disrupted: What CPOs must know about Blockchain Technology and Why (Part II)
158Flexi-Price Builder: Bringing e-Sourcing-Desktop Integration – Zycus
159Guide to Seamless ERP Integration
160Knowledge Hub Details
161Integrating ERP with P2P to Boost Business Process Efficiency – Zycus
162Integrating P2P with Strategic Sourcing Suite – Zycus
163Is there a need for Procure-to-Pay Automation?
164Is Your Procurement Team Ready for Dubai Expo 2020? – Zycus
165Make Procurement Digital this 2019
166Knowledge Hub Details
167Make Procurement Smarter with Social Media – Zycus
168Making a Business Case for Digitizing and Automating AP Processes: Pitch Key Value to your CFO
169Managing Risks in Procure-to-Pay with the Right Mix of Processes and Technology
170Making Strategic Sourcing a Reality – Whitepaper
171Procure-to-Pay Transformation Guide
172Overcoming new Procure-to-Pay challenges in ANZs Government and Commercial Organizations
173Redefining Procurement Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Oil & Gas : Driving Strategic Procurement in the New Normal
174Quick Guide On Procurement Frauds
175Redefining the Role of Modern Procurement Team – Whitepaper
176Supply Chain Resilience in the Face of Disruption – Zycus
177Whitepaper: The Internet of Things (IoT): What’s in it for Procurement?
178Moving Beyond ERP: The Need For A Best-in-Class Procure-to-Pay Solution
179The Million Dollar Challenge for CFOs
180The Paperless Office – Leap up the Accounts Payable Maturity Curve
181Knowledge Hub Details
182Transforming Procurement Performance of Food & Beverage Industry with Zycus Solutions – Zycus
183User Experience in Source-to-Pay Technology
184Download Data Sheet
185Zycus Invoice Processing Solution
1863-Part Framework for Procurement Talent Transformation: Vision, Realism, and Accountability
187Beyond trends: The top 10 transformational realities redefining procurement
188Client-Centered Procurement Advantage: Reinventing Your Procurement Organizations Stakeholder Experience
189Defining and Deploying the Digital Roadmap for Procurement
190Hey Nineteen: Procurements Playbook for 2019
191Machine Teaching Apply AI for Predictive Procurement
192Paying Off P2P: Closing The Purchase Through Payment Loop
193Pulse of Procurement 2018: Your Annual Check-up on the Prognosis for Procurement
194Putting Supplier Relationships in the Green Zone
195Redefining Strategic Sourcing and Value in The Digital Era
196The Buck Starts Here: Building a Winning Business Case to Transform P2P
197The Leaders Perspective: Insights from Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Suites 2018
198The Power of Partnering: Driving Source-to-Pay Success with Zycus Partner Connect Program
199Transforming Procurement, What Got You Here, Wont get You There – The secret to driving world class procurement performance
200Procurement Experts Outlook 2019
201Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation in Procurement for Enhanced Efficiency
202Integrated Risk Management: A Playbook for Procurement
203Podcast: Tips and Tricks for Your Procurement Transformation Journey
204Forrester’s Overview Of 30 CLM Vendors – Now Tech: Contract Lifecycle Management, Q1 2018
205A blue-print for better SOX compliance using best-in-class procurement software
206Digital Transformation in Procurement
207Technical Support
208Putting the supplier at the heart of procurement
209Path to Procurement Excellence
210Super CPO – Pulse of Procurement 2015
211Contact Us Form
212Zycus exhibits at the 96th Annual ISM Conference & Educational Exhibit in Orlando, Fla
213Zycus CEO Unveils Unique Source-to-Pay Innovation Roadmap at HORIZON 2015
214Zycus’ upcoming webinar deciphers the procure-to-pay enigma
215Zycus releases new case study on procurement-driven performance improvement at FEI Company
216Analyze This: Procurement Metrics That Matter
217ycus Spend Analysis Enhancements Push Procurement to Real 360-Degree Visibility
218Zycus opens new offices across the globe
219AP Automation ROI Calculator
220A Leading US Based Global FMCG Giant Bets Big on Zycus to Drive Procurement Transformation
221Zycus Unveils Complete Makeover of its iContract Authoring Solution
222International Luxury Hotel Chain in Dubai Powers its Procurement Automation Project with Zycus
223Upcoming Zycus webinar brings the 3rd instalment of its ‘CPO Game Changer Series’
224Zycus and ITC Infotech Collaborate to Deliver Best-in-Class Procurement Solutions
225Zycus Finalizes Packed Agenda for HORIZON 2015 Conference, Oct 4-6
226A Leading US Based Biopharmaceutical Company Signs a Deal with Zycus to Build Compliant Procurement Processes
227Zycus Invoice Processing Solution
229Publicly Traded American Bank signs a 3-Year Contract with Zycus for Procure-to-Pay Solution
230Zycus and Nitor Partners share the winning formula for your Source-to-Pay initiative
231Zycus to demonstrate ways to increase contract effectiveness in an eProcurement environment
232A Leading Conglomerate Partners with Zycus to Achieve Source-to-Order Automation
233Zycus to participate in the 98th ISM Annual International Supply Management Conference
234Zycus Hires Amit Bhatia as Business Head – Asia
235Zycus will Deliver Source to Contract Innovation to a Leading Conglomerate in Malaysia
236For Fourth Year in a Row Zycus Recognized in ‘Spend Matters Almanac 50 Providers to Know’
237Discuss Digital Procurement Trends at Zycus Confluence – An Executive Connect, San Francisco 2018
238Zycus webinar to discuss performance management in procurement
239Customer-First Approach by Zycus to ensure Business Continuity during COVID-19
240Zycus Measures the 2014 Procurement Pulse in U.S.
242Zycus Mixes it Up with U.S. Procurement Leaders at Two February Events
243Unraveling the Procure-to-Pay Key Performance Metrics for 2015
244University of Missouri & Zycus discuss how best-in-class organizations leverage procurement technology to meet business objectives
245RSL Care Chooses Zycus Complete Suite to Support Rapid Enterprise Expansion
246Zycus named as a Visionary in Technology of the year by TMT: Technology.Media.Telecoms.
247Zycus Bolsters End-to-End Contract Management with ‘Zycus CLM Connect’ app on Salesforce AppExchange
248Memphis City Schools will use Zycus to Automate Spend Analysis and e-Sourcing
249Zycus to participate as a Gold Sponsor at ISM2018, Institute for Supply Management’s Annual Conference
250Global Aerospace, Defense and Commercial Products Company selects Zycus to automate Supplier Performance Management
251Zycus discusses the role of procure-to-pay technology in moving to strategic sourcing
252New Zealand’s Fletcher Building Fast Tracks Spend Analysis with Zycus
253Mine the untapped returns from Procure-to-Pay
254Zycus Webinar shares 10 Megatrends for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals
255Polaris Industries Inc. selects Zycus’ Source-to-Pay solution suite for transforming their procurement processes
256Zycus’ Annual “Pulse of Procurement” Survey is now Live
257Large Bank in the US Selects Zycus to Transform its Contracting and Sourcing Digitization
258Zycus Successfully Implemented its Solutions for a Leading US Based Telecommunications Provider
259A Day in the Life of a Contract
260Zycus Presents Its Users with Quick Turnaround through Cloud Refresh on Spend Data
261Zycus Expands Procurement Performance Suite with Financial Savings Management Solution
262Zycus Congratulates HERE Technologies for Winning the Innovations in Sourcing Award
263Spend Analysis Brochure
264Zycus Releases Exclusive Research Report: Driving High Performance Procurement Initiatives
265Zycus Announces Third Annual Horizon 2014 Procurement Leadership Conference
266A Leading US Based Savory Producing Company Tastes Successful Source to Pay Procurement Transformation with Zycus
267Zycus Launches its Flagship Customer Advocacy Program: Praemia – The New Frontier of Customer Delight
268Zycus and Michigan State University Launch an Extensive Study on Procurement Technology Adoption
269US Based Financial Services Corporation Adopts Zycus’ Source-to-Pay Suite to Standardize Their Procurement Processes
270Zycus PRO-Talks
271Procurement Leader Zycus Ranks No.1 with 75k+ Followership on LinkedIn
272Zycus-Automotive Suite Deal Will Deliver SPM Innovation to Benefit Entire Auto Industry Supply Chain
273The State of ePayables: The Convergence of Cash, Suppliers and Intelligence
274Merlin Brochure
275Global leader in nanotechnology research selects Zycus Spend Analysis and eSourcing
276Upcoming Webinar – The ROI of a Best-in-Class Procurement Department
277Zycus and SIG to capture the Pulse of Procurement in the upcoming webinar
279Zycus To discuss the multidimensional scope of Strategic Sourcing in an upcoming webinar
280A Retailer Major in North America Aims to Achieve Procurement Excellence with Zycus
281Zycus strengthens its integration with multiple software applications using iConsole
282Zycus named as a Visionary in Technology of the year by TMT: Technology.Media.Telecoms.
283Zycus’ latest Pulse of Procurement Research Report talks about the procurement priorities and benchmarks for 2015
284Zycus brings their CPO Connect Procurement Round Table to London
285Zycus is now a part of Australian Government’s panel for PEPPOL capabilities & associated services
286Elevate procurement processes to the next level with Zycus and AWS
287Zycus recognized as a Leader for the 3rd time in a row in the Gartner’s MQ for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites
288Zycus to Host a Data Center in Middle East
289A Glimpse into Zycus’ Presence at ProcureCon Indirect East 2018
300September 17 webinar of Zycus shares ways of linking source to contract with P2P
301This Spring meet Zycus at the leading procurement events coming up in the US
302USA’s Multinational Computer Technology Company Logs onto Zycus Spend Analysis
303Zycus is Successfully Reducing Accounts Payable Costs by 50% with its AI-Driven AP Automation Bots
304AMD Adopts Zycus to Reach Procurement Goals
306Public Service Provider in New Zealand accelerate procurement methodologies with Zycus
307Local Government Authority in Victoria Chooses Zycus for its Source-to-Contract Digitization
308Zycus to present its 6th Annual Procurement Conference, Horizon 2017, from Oct 8th to 10th at New Orleans
309Merlin for Spend
310Three Characteristics of Top-Performing Purchase-to-Pay Organizations
311Zycus discusses the next generation of sourcing technologies
313Simplify Procure-to-Pay
315Zycus Reports Exceptional Growth in Procure-to-Pay Solution Space
316Leading US Based Chemical Company Signs a Deal with Zycus to Enhance Its Savings Potential and Automation
317Leading Multinational Luxury Fashion Brand Partners with Zycus for Savings Management
318A Leading Telecom Company Kick Starts Sourcing Innovation with Zycus
319Thank you
320Zycus files patent for its AI-based Merlin Invoice Reader
321Six Must-Have Reports for Any Procurement Leader
322Zycus makes a big splash at ISM2014
323Tax-Compliant Global Electronic Invoice Lifecycle Management
324Leading Procurement the Zycus Way!
325Imperative of Digital Transformation for Supply Chain Impact Management – Part 1
326Taking the ‘Cloud’ route – Imperatives for the current times
327Unlock the Secrets of Digital Transformation with Industry Leaders
328Zycus’ PLaN | Pioneering Virtual Symposium for Procurement Professional
329Catalyzing Cognitive Procurement : Ally with A.I.
330Curtiss-Wright Switches to Zycus for Global Spend Visibility
331Elevating Procurement Team Capabilities: A 3-Part Framework
332Navigating Unchartered Waters: Resilient Supply Chains in Uncertain Times of Corona Virus
333Get the key to enhance the Sourcing and Supplier relationships
334Procurement Priorities 2014 Middle East & Southeast Asia
335Zycus: Tech Leader in 2023 P2P Matrix
336Resort Lifestyle: Procurement Boost with Zycus AI
337Rest Superannuation to transform S2C with Zycus Merlin solutions
338Tiger Brands to take a leap of procurement transformation with Zycus’ source-to-pay suite powered by Merlin AI technology
339“Adapting to the Future of Work with Zycus | Explore
340Next-Generation Procurement: CPO Agenda and Priorities are changing for 2023 & beyon
341Letsema and Zycus form strategic partnership, advancing procurement automation
342Bidvest International Logistics boosts procurement performance with Zycus’ source-to-pay suite
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