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Zycus iAnalyze

Spend Analysis Software

Maximize savings and optimize procurement with accurate, swift and precise spend visibility
spend analysis

Save 2-4% or 2FTE+ with Zycus Spend Analysis: Quick, Accurate, Detailed Spend Visibility for $B Companies

Minimize maverick spending, enhance compliance, and harness the potential to generate significant savings, capitalizing on the economy of scale by consolidating your spending


"Zycus solution has multiple options to perform the same action and easy to draw quick report to analyse the performance at any given time. "

Project Lead - Transportation

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Maximize Your Business's Potential with Zycus' Spend Analysis

Savings Matrix
Strategy Spend Analyzed Spend Analyzed for Savings Opportunity (% of spend analyzed) Minimum Savings Opportunity Maximum Savings Opportunity
Supplier Rationalization USD 5-6 Bn 12%-15% 4% 7%
USD 6-8 Bn 8%-10% 4% 7%
USD 5-6 Bn 12%-15% 2% 7%
Payment Term Rationalization USD 4-5 Bn 7%-10% 2% 6%

Zycus Spend Analysis, Transforming Data into Savings

Organically Built
Seamless data flow across the organically-built S2P suite having a single code base.
Autonomous Procurement
Merlin AI-driven automation of mundane, repetitive tasks to free up resources for higher-priority and strategic initiatives.
AppXtend Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offers customized apps for vertical, category, geography and third-party integration- specific needs.

Zycus Spend Analysis Software Overview, Your Path to Cost Efficiency

Data Compliance & Profiling

Data Compliance & Profiling

Data compliance and accurate profiling, empowering you to make well-informed, compliance-focused decisions

Multilingual Data Recognition

Multilingual data recognition for a global perspective, coupled with real-time, intuitive dashboards that provide actionable insights
Savings Potential

Analyze Savings Potential

Peel back the layers to analyze untapped savings potential with comprehensive, multidimensional reporting
Granular Insights

Granular Insights

Granular insights with transactional level information on spend patterns streamlining your analysis process

Spend Analysis Software Features that Set Zycus Apart

Customized Alerts and Notifications

Customized Alerts and Notifications

Unified Spend Dashboard

Unified Spend Dashboard

Supplier Scorecards

Seamless Integration


Pull Out All The Stops: A Cure-all for Chief Procurement Officers