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Zycus Expert Speak: Role of Robotic Process Automation in the future of Procurement

As we stand at the break of the fourth industrial revolution, we are impelled to look at some of the technological advancements that will shape this revolution.

In this podcast Kanishka Ghosh asks some compelling questions about Robotic Process Automation and its application in business processes while looking at cases of RPA in procurement and how this technology holds the potential to remove monotonous processes and enable procurement teams to take a strategic role.

Joined by experts Benjamin Lingard and Govinda Senapati from the Reveal Group, who have significant experience in developing RPA Centres of Excellence and have implemented the technology for their clients, this podcast looks to demystify some of the common apprehensions and specific concerns regarding the full potential of RPA.

Listen to this podcast as it dives into:

  • Demystifying RPA and Looking at Numbers
  • Relevance to the Procurement world
  • Business Scenarios for RPA adoption
  • Tackling the Job loss threat
  • Recommendations for Early Adopters / Leaders



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