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Vendor Landscape: Supplier Risk And Performance Management

Vendor Landscape
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Enterprises struggle to manage the risk to their brands from suppliers’ mistakes. Your customers expect you to choose suppliers that are efficient, safe, secure, ethical, and legal — and to have robust processes to ensure that. However, few supplier and risk managers can cope with the ever-increasing compliance requirements.

The suppliers you choose and how you manage them are crucial to your customers’ perception of you as a company. Your customers expect that the suppliers directly involved in delivery — product fulfillment, onsite service, and call center operations, for instance — are as customer-focused and operationally excellent as you are. But they want much more than just that. They want you to only buy from suppliers that are:

  • Safe, delivering products that won’t injure them
  • Secure, protecting their data from increasingly frequent cyber threats
  • Ethical, meeting consumers’ ever-higher expectations of sustainability and fair trade
  • Legal, complying with ever-increasing regulations

Unfortunately, few enterprises can meet their customers’ expectations in this area, download  September 2016 Forrester report to know how solution providers in the rapidly expanding supplier risk and performance management market can help you streamline your supplier management processes and, hence, protect your company from suppliers’ misdeeds.

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