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contract management

By Linda Ashok
Aug 13th, 2019
Why Procurement needs Contract Management and 7-point-strategy to include in your business case to win your decision-makers. Read more.
By Procurement Bloggers
Apr 23rd, 2019
In a study conducted by FM Global among 600 large enterprises, respondents rated supply risk management as an area of concern. The report says that it can take two or more years for organizations to recover from a supply chain failure. How to avert this? Read the blog for formulas!
By Linda Ashok
Jan 5th, 2019
As a procurement professional, you have come across maverick spend many a time. What do you think about why it is maverick spend and what is the justification to label a certain category of spend as maverick?
By Jijnyasa Patowarya
Jan 2nd, 2019
This blog post attempts to cover crucial aspects of contract management that drives businesses to be more effective and productive. Read more.
By Kushal Babu
Oct 31st, 2018
Game Theory is a mathematical model of interactions that is used in competitive situations to settle conflicts or initiate negotiations between two rational decision makers. Negotiations in procurement are often tricky and game theory can be applied here to achieve favorable outcomes and make strategic decisions.
By Shalaka Desai
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May 21st, 2018
Contracts are nothing but fancy promises. One would expect parties involved in a contract to keep their respective promises, because of its formal and
By Linda Ashok
Apr 5th, 2018
As rules and regulations get tighter around the world and businesses are penalized unawares by governing bodies for failing to adhere to applicable policies and procedures, it is better to have some compliance checklists in place and avert financial and reputational losses
By Madhuchhanda Das
Feb 27th, 2018
How often have you found yourself tossing the trash in the garbage can and missing it, then bent down to pick it up? Did you see yourself repeatedly m
By Poulami Mukherjee
Nov 27th, 2017
What if Jarvis from Iron Man was real, wouldn’t you want an assistant like that, the one that can help you with your day to day mundane task without