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spend analysis

By Shabad Singh
Apr 1st, 2020
Are you often taken aback looking at the total value of your indirect spend at the end of the quarter or financial year? This is not uncommon...
By Shalaka Wagholikar
Mar 26th, 2020
What is so intriguing about maverick spends? If we try to draw an analogy with ancient battles, maverick spends are those who are not accounted for...
By Dhwani Parekh
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Feb 14th, 2019
Read this blog post to understand the different elements of spend management and how to get the best out of a spend management activity.
By Madhuchhanda Das
Jan 28th, 2019
Finally, it is the year of the pig. 2019 is set to be a seismic year, with changes that will not only add value to procurement processes, it will
By aishika bhattacharya
Jan 5th, 2019
As a procurement professional, you have come across maverick spend many a time. What do you think about why it is maverick spend and what is the justification to label a certain category of spend as maverick?
By aishika bhattacharya
Oct 24th, 2018
Advanced analytics provides data-driven insight and power that procurement can leverage to make impactful business decisions. For organizations that are yet to tap this value, it is time to make the move and gear up for a future when big data will be the deciding word.
By aishika bhattacharya
Apr 20th, 2018
Data is fish for Machine Learning (ML); the more data you feed your ML algorithm, the better accuracy in spend classification and eventually millions saved per $1 billion of spend.
By Swetalina Routray
Mar 29th, 2018
Over the year procurement has transformed from a tactical purchasing function to a high priority strategic partner to its organizations and this is du
By aishika bhattacharya
Mar 22nd, 2018
If you have been thinking if there's anything beyond rate reduction negotiations with suppliers that the oil and gas supply management organizatio