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How a German Fleet Company Propelled User Adoption in Fleet Procurement Users?

Fleet Procurement
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Increase in Use Adoption

Reduction in Sourcing Cycle Time
Reduction in Contract Cycle Time
Reduction in PR-PO Processing Time
Increase in Compliance


The company, a German international shipping and container transportation provider specializing in fleet procurement services worldwide, faced challenges with low user adoption due to complex in-house systems. Additionally, the company has a strong presence in the Transatlantic, Middle East, Latin America, and Intra-America trade. The company relied on an in-house procurement system and manual processes for managing its source-to-pay function. However, the existing system had a very complex user interface leading to poor adoption among business users.

These users turned to email, spreadsheets, etc., to store and track contracts, supplier information, and PO/PR details leading to duplication of records. The invoice processing and matching were done manually, increasing the cycle time. The entire process was complex, and new users found it difficult to track records.

Business Objective:

Recognizing the importance of embracing digital transformation, the company set its sights on an automated solution to accelerate its S2P process. They sought a comprehensive platform that could seamlessly integrate all modules and provide better visibility and consistency throughout the fleet procurement cycle. Such an integrated solution would enable the procurement team to streamline the entire process from sourcing and requisition to purchase order and payment, allowing for better decision-making and resource optimization.

However, they didn’t merely want an off-the-shelf automated solution; they had a unique requirement – user adoption. They knew that for any technology implementation to succeed, enthusiastic participation and acceptance by its business users were essential. They needed a solution that would not only increase efficiency but also resonate with their workforce, making the transition smooth and intuitive.


To achieve the business goals set by the company, Zycus’ S2P suite was implemented that provided the following benefits:

1. Automated Sourcing Events

  • Zycus’ iSource module helped the company to eliminate the manual sourcing process and host sourcing events with the minimum human effort required.
  • The company’s need to host complex sourcing events was fulfilled with iLogix.
  • The Quick Source module helped create time-sensitive strategic sourcing events.

2. Eased Fleet Procurement Process

  • The company’s PO processing was eased with automated 3-way PO matching provided by Zycus’ eProcurement solution.
  • The PR cycle time was drastically improved due to a systematic approval process that maintained the entire audit trail.
  • Manual processes were replaced with a touchless fleet procurement solution using Zycus’ Procurement Software.

3. Accelerated Supplier Onboarding and Reduced Supplier Associated Risks

  • Supplier-specific spend management and end-to-end visibility of supplier information were facilitated using Zycus’ iSupplier module.
  • The iRisk module evaluated each supplier against comprehensive supplier performance benchmark standards and identified suppliers deemed unfit.

4. Maintained an Intelligent Contract Repository

  • iContract enabled the company to collate all existing contracts present across different data sources and bulk upload them on a centralized contract repository.
  • The contract management solution even provided real- time alerts for contract renewal and expiry.
  • Business users found it quick and easy to track required contracts.


We want to let our readers hear Zycus’ impact on businesses straight from the source. So, we interviewed the change-management champion at our client’s organization. Here’s what they had to say!

  • On esourcing: “Partnering with Zycus has truly transformed our fleet procurement strategy. The implementation of the automated S2C solution has been a game-changer, leading to a remarkable increase in efficiency and productivity.” The partnership resulted in over 1800 sourcing events successfully created, allowing the company to explore cost-saving opportunities and build stronger supplier relationships.
  • On supplier management & risk management: “Our onboarding process was significantly streamlined, seamlessly integrating more than 40,000 suppliers into the system, which has greatly enhanced our global reach.” They also highlighted the platform’s risk management capabilities, stating that over 800 risk events were created, ensuring proactive measures to mitigate potential disruptions.
  • On Zycus’ contract management capabilities: “With Zycus, we experienced a significant improvement in contract management. 14,000+ contracts were created for the company, enabling better compliance and reducing contractual risks.
  • On Zycus eProc: With 4500+ purchase requisitions generated and 4100+ purchase orders processed seamlessly, the implementation had a significant impact on day-to-day operations. These streamlined procurement processes meant shorter cycles and increased operational agility. “

The most impressive aspect, said our change-management champion, was the user adoption rate: “Since the solution’s go-live, our user adoption rate has had a meteoric rise, to a remarkable 75%. The intuitive and user-friendly interface, incorporating gamified elements, has won over our employees, making them eager participants in the fleet procurement process.”

The Verdict: “Zycus has not only helped us stay competitive in the dynamic shipping industry but also set a new standard for innovation and excellence in their procurement and sourcing practices. The company is now better equipped to navigate the seas of global logistics with enhanced efficiency, heightened employee engagement and cost savings.”

fleet procurement
User Adoption in Percentage Post Go-Live


We take great pride in being a catalyst for excellence and innovation in procurement practices. This German fleet company’s journey with Zycus is a testament to the powerful impact our solutions can have on organizations, helping them stay competitive and agile in their respective industries.

If you’re eager to explore more inspiring customer success stories like this one, visit the success stories section today. There, you will discover how Zycus has empowered numerous organizations worldwide to achieve procurement excellence. Ready to see how our innovative solutions can transform your procurement process? Request a demo today!

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