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Merlin for eProcurement

AI-Powered Procurement Software

Intelligent procurement software for seamless procurement, transforming purchasing processes with efficiency and accuracy

Smart eProcurement Solution

Zycus’ Merlin for eProcurement makes the existing buying process streamlined and quick with a plethora of supplier choices. It strengthens supplier relations, mitigates risks, empowers strategic initiatives such as new product development, thus supporting sustainable growth

Merlin for eProcurement Offers Two Unique AI-Enabled Products

Buyer Smart Deck-Icon

Buyer Smart Desk

Our product helps with the data-driven actionable insights that empower you to make fast and Intelligent procurement decisions. It cuts down requisition to PO cycle time as it automatically processes all the non-catalog requisition to PO.
Autonomous Quick Source-Icon

Autonomous Quick Source

Reduces the time in selecting the suitable suppliers, thus, freeing up your bandwidth from the tactical PO process and making the entire process simulate a B2C type user experience.

ROI Delivered by Zycus' AI-Powered eProcurement Software



Reduction in
PR to PO cycle time



PO transactions



Liberation in buyer
time from tactical PO process



Decrease in
PO processing cost


Zycus’ eProcurement software prioritizes data security and compliance through robust measures. Our solution implements encryption, secure data transmission, access controls, and regular audits to safeguard your sensitive procurement information. Complying with industry standards, such as GDPR and ISO 27001, our software ensures data protection and privacy, providing you with peace of mind regarding security and regulatory requirements.
Zycus’ eProcurement software is designed to seamlessly integrate with various enterprise systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting software. Integration capabilities allow for smooth data exchange, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across systems. Whether you use SAP, Oracle, or other popular business applications, our eProcurement software can be tailored to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Zycus offers a new approach in the form of iSaaS or an integration solution-as-a-service. Using iSaaS, Zycus can customize the integration to match customer ERP format with all the necessary error handling. Overall, it takes as low as 3 to 5 months for end-to-end integration from testing to deployment, which is 70% faster than usual implementation time.
Zycus’ Source-to-pay suite offers a compelling, consumer-grade user experience, making it easy for individual procurement analysts and managers to navigate and utilize the features effectively. We understand the importance of training and support, and therefore, we provide comprehensive onboarding assistance and ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption of the software. Our team is always available to address any queries, provide training resources, and offer prompt assistance whenever needed. 


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