Contract Management Blog Posts

Contract management is a critical process for any business. It ensures that all contracts are properly managed and monitored and that any changes are made in a timely and efficient manner. Contract management also helps to avoid disputes between parties by providing a clear and concise record of the terms of the contract.

There are many different aspects to contract management, and it can be a complex and time-consuming process. Here are useful blog posts related to contract management and its role in procurement performance.

February 20, 2015

Tips for Procurement when engaging with Marketing – Part I

Procurement deals with different teams and as such, would be quite aware of the intrinsic nature and working style of each department.  While some de…
December 3, 2014
Contract Management Life Cycle

Legacy vs. New Age Contract Management – Resolving the war in Middle East Procurement

Zycus procurement and contract management is the easiest and secure software for contract management systems.…
November 23, 2014

Legacy vs. New Age Contract Management – Waging war in Middle East Procurement

Stuck in a bad contract? Missing out on possible negotiations? Getting the wrong supplier? These are a few of the weapons that dent the armor of procu…
October 20, 2014

[IACCM Webinar] The Contract Connection

Many organizations are awakening to the importance of contract management as a driver of business value. Executives increasingly talk about the need f…
September 8, 2014

Part I – Streamline – The Holy Trinity of Procurement Performance Metrics

In a world that makes sense to most business leaders, most readily, when tagged with numbers, you want to be sure not only that you measure things at…
May 29, 2014
Global Supply Chains and their Vulnerability

Procurement in the world of Butterfly Effects

Hi there, again! Blogging is addictive isn’t it? And in a way that it can make you feel guilty for being late on the regularity.  But thankfully, I…
May 21, 2014
Executive throwing light on dark data

Have you got Dark Data in your Procurement Files?

As data becomes the starting point of information and decision-making, it becomes useful to get into some of the meta-data concepts for a better under…
April 22, 2014
Bargaining Power of Customers

Procurement for Porter’s 5 Forces: Part 2: Bargaining Power of Customers

April 14, 2014

Procurement for Porter’s 5 Forces: Part 1: Talk about It

Michael E Porter’s been well known for his framework that seemingly puts together all that a business should be wary of, in a very simplistic and in…
March 31, 2014

Numbers make it sexier

We have all read a lot about how exciting sourcing and…