March 23, 2016

Visual treat gets the true meaning with Flip-To-Chart

Graphs must be informative, but they don’t have to be ugly. Making visually appealing charts and graphs goes a long way towards making data accessib…
February 29, 2016

Smart Spend Analysis: A bird’s eye view

The biggest myth surrounding spend analytics is the belief that such a strategic initiative requires an organization that has reached a certain level…
January 5, 2016

Change the Game

Last year, procurement organizations as a whole and Chief Procurement Officers (“CPOs”) in particular   frequently   find   themselves   i…
December 23, 2015

Penny wise, Pound foolish

Remember how we used to be in college? At least I used to carelessly spend all my pocket money and used to end up being broke for the rest of the mont…
December 15, 2015

It’s the festive season- Can procurement help you plan your gifting options?

“As the snow covers the ground and the mood soars high Rudolph pulls the sledge and Santa goes by Gifts all around and lots of fun Only San…
November 27, 2015

Procurement & Black Friday

It is certainly not true that only women love shopping. Men too enjoy the occasional buying. Especially when there are huge discounts and bumper sales…
November 25, 2015

Source-to-Pay Suite for Single Source of Truth

Analysts say,'We should learn from the ants!!' Studies suggest that ants can take tough choices best, when in groups or colonies. This holds true for…
November 1, 2015

Why was Elon Musk (or your CEO) late for an interview and other procurement problems. Economics to the rescue.

Look the below video for the first 3 minutes and 45 secs and you will know why Elon Musk was late for his interview with Khan Academy's Sal Khan. […
September 15, 2015

Linking Source-to-Contract & Procure-to-Pay

Source to Pay and procure to pay is a process concerned with the sourcing of products or services in the way to improve agility.…
August 18, 2015

Feel the pulse of procurement!!!

More spending is a key component of virtually all aggressive business growth strategies. The imperative for CPOs is to determine how their organizatio…