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Contract management is a critical process for any business. It ensures that all contracts are properly managed and monitored and that any changes are made in a timely and efficient manner. Contract management also helps to avoid disputes between parties by providing a clear and concise record of the terms of the contract.

There are many different aspects to contract management, and it can be a complex and time-consuming process. Here are useful blog posts related to contract management and its role in procurement performance.

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in a Contract Management Software

There are many benefits of contract management software, especially in today's world. Also, contract management software provides the legal, procurement,…

2 years ago

Procurement Advice – 5 practical steps to combat COVID-19!

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COVID-19: Top 3 Smart Tools for Procurement Teams in 2020

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What’s new in Zycus’ Contract Management Software?

At Zycus, we are continuously revamping and adding new features to streamline and fulfill the advanced procurement requirements of organizations…

3 years ago

10 Best Practices for Procurement Manager in 2020

So many things are slated to change in 2020, the milestone year! But what matters most is your career; how…

3 years ago

5 Reasons Why You Need a Contract Management Software

For any organization, managing contracts is a very tricky and daunting task. For instance, a simple contract expiry query or…

3 years ago

Can a Contract Management Software Drown your Business?

The point of contention in this article is to understand if a contract management software can drown your business? And…

3 years ago

Win Contract Management Case for Procurement with these 7 Points

There are many talks on the invincibility of Contract Management within the end to end procurement process. This article aims…

3 years ago

4 Formulas for Supplier Risk Management

It is no secret that large enterprises increasingly engage with a large number of far-flung suppliers in today’s globally connected…

3 years ago

Five Ways to take Control of Maverick Spend!

As a procurement professional, you have come across maverick spend many a time. What do you think about why it…

4 years ago