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For the sourcing professional’s love of Negotiation

Supplier negotiation
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As a procurement professional, if you are directly involved in supplier negotiations now and then you are well familiar with the adrenaline rush of achieving the ROI objective – be it increased value for the same money or same value for a lesser investment.

While negotiation skills are your forte, procurement software is ours.  And we found a way of linking the two in such a way that you and your stakeholders would be able to actually observe the outcomes of your negotiation efforts in the workflow of an RFP event.

To help you get the most out of your conversations with suppliers

Now, as part of the sourcing event, we include an additional stage – ‘the Negotiation’ stage’ which effectively facilitates various rounds of negotiation and captures the resultant improvement in ROI at every step.  Our customizable and flexible process-flow allows for the application of creativity and multi-criteria comparisons.

Our rendering of this feature, thus, involves two major steps:

1.   One which lets you pick and choose suppliers for negotiation based on parameters you select, and
2.   The other that lets you view your negotiation history with a given supplier, compare responses and moved forward for analysis.

There is also the provision for you to export a supplier’s response, edit it and import it back to Zycus’ e-sourcing application to seek acceptance from supplier.  The ultimate advantage is that the result of all your efforts and multiple telephone conversations are captured on the tool for everybody to acknowledge the valuable contribution you make by negotiating with suppliers.

So here’s to the negotiators in various procurement organizations.   LET US KNOW if you would like to see a demo, and we would love to show you how this works.

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