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[Upcoming Webinar] Procurement AI: Is Artificial Intelligence in Procurement Real?

Procurement AI
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There is no procurement blog or no thought leader in procurement who is not talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has gained so much of traction that there is hardly any scope left for skepticism about its benefits. No matter how big the hype, a reality check is necessary to address the elephant in the room ‘How real is Artificial Intelligence in Procurement?’ Is the industry ready for AI yet? This question can’t go unanswered.


The reality of artificial intelligence (AI) is that most organizations won’t create significant value unless they deploy the technology on top of the right platform, data, and processes. There have been many articles and much speculation as to the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on procurement. What is interesting is that despite the debate regarding the reality of AI, one thing is definite; Human Learning/Human Intervention is “still needed.” There are certain skills that procurement professionals need to succeed in an AI-driven procurement ecosystem; human skills that will facilitate the deployment of AI and help its progress over time.

So what skills will one require to become a vital and relevant piece in the Procurement AI puzzle?

Join expert speakers Jon Hansen, Bill Michels and Joesph Yacura in our upcoming webinar ‘Procurement AI: Is Artificial Intelligence in Procurement Real?’ where they will discuss the reality of AI in procurement functions and also talk about the skills procurement professionals need to develop to succeed in an industry that will eventually be AI-driven.

Webinar Details:

Title: Procurement AI: Is Artificial Intelligence Real in Procurement?
Date: May 15
Time: 2:00 PM (EDT)
Jon Hansen, Editor and Lead Writer, Procurement Insights
Bill Michels, Vice President of Operations Americas, CIPS
Joesph Yacura, Member Board of Directors at LYNX Technology Partners

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