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There are many kinds of companies and within each, there are many kinds of Procurement processes.  Not everything works just the way we want to, from the beginning itself.   However, we can always take a step towards changing the state of things and taking control of the situation.

The same applies to Procurement.  It has become the center of high performing businesses and makes real strategic impact.   Thus, a planned Procurement Transformation can go a long way in influencing the bottom-lines and driving down the costs.  But ‘transformation’ shouldn’t be for the sake of changing.  It should be thought out well, and the plan-of-action must correspond to what suits the company and the department in question.

This is where comes, the blue-print for such procurement transformations.  Indeed, there has been research in this area and Ardent Partners will share its new research designed to help procurement organizations develop a transformation “blueprint” – a holistic view of the source-to-settle process and the underlying architecture required to support sustainable business process improvement.


Transform Procurement!

The webinar will also feature a case study from a major global pharmaceutical company that is well on its way to mastering the art of blending perfectly and in just the right proportions, the factors of people, process, and technology to achieve world class performance.

Webinar Details:


  1. Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner and Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners
  2. Matthew Mehalick, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Celgene Corp
  3. Richard Waugh, Director of Business Development, Zycus.

Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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