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December 7, 2020
Savings Target Management

Savings Target Management – An essential guide for procurement savings

"Any procurement team's primary KPI is procurement cost savings. This article will explain how to calculate and report cost reductions."…
March 28, 2018
Customer Centric Procurement

Goodbye to the March End Blues

It is financial year end once again. Characters were well written; storytelling was immaculate.Will “Procurement” and “Finance” have a sardonic end to their relationship or will they walk amicably into the new fiscal year?…

January 18, 2018

Traverse the Road-map from Spend Analysis to Savings

Organizations are always looking out for ways to cut costs and save more.

In fact as per …

February 15, 2017
POP 2017

Pulse of Procurement 2017

Zycus is back with its annual ‘Pulse of Procurement’ survey. The survey is open for procurement professionals from all around the world.

This s…

December 6, 2016

UPCOMING WEBINAR – Integrated Source-to-Pay Keeps Benefits Flowing Upstream and Downstream

The journey towards a Source-to-Pay (S2P) transformation has the potential to produce a pipeline of tremendous efficiencies for Procurement in the Oil…

December 15, 2015

It’s the festive season- Can procurement help you plan your gifting options?

“As the snow covers the ground and the mood soars high

Rudolph pulls the sledge and Santa goes by

Gifts all around and lots of fun

Only San…

November 27, 2015

Procurement & Black Friday

It is certainly not true that only women love shopping. Men too enjoy the occasional buying. Especially when there are huge discounts and bumper sales…

November 25, 2015

Source-to-Pay Suite for Single Source of Truth

Analysts say,'We should learn from the ants!!' Studies suggest that ants can take tough choices best, when in groups or colonies. This holds true for …

November 1, 2015

Why was Elon Musk (or your CEO) late for an interview and other procurement problems. Economics to the rescue.

Look the below video for the first 3 minutes and 45 secs and you will know why Elon Musk was late for his interview with Khan Academy's Sal Khan.


August 18, 2015

Feel the pulse of procurement!!!

More spending is a key component of virtually all aggressive business growth strategies. The imperative for CPOs is to determine how their organizatio…