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The Only Vendor in the Procurement Industry with Advanced Forward Looking AI Capabilities!

The Only Vendor in the Procurement Industry with Advanced Forward Looking AI Capabilities!

Artificial Intelligence has become a rage in modern times. With applications touching every aspect of human life from business to…

11 months ago

How AI Can Solve the Biggest Challenges in Procurement

Need for Artificial intelligence in Procurement   As Procurement leaders plan their 2022 Savings targets, they are exploring new ways to unlock…

12 months ago


Organizations are looking to CPOs to take on broader and deeper strategic initiatives to create a future proof supply chain.…

1 year ago

Building Resilient Supply Chains through AI Led Digital Transformation

Supplier Risk Management Enterprises are actively reviewing their supply chain strategy according to the highest importance following the unprecedented disruption…

2 years ago

Top 5 common procurement myths about AI

Common procurement myths about the use of AI in procurement are widespread today in the age of AI and automation.…

2 years ago

Revolutionize Accounts Payable with Artificial Intelligence

Accounts payable automation benefits can be realized through AI today. AI solutions have already become a reality, and they are…

2 years ago

AI-Solutions every procurement team must own by 2025

AI in procurement has led to procurement transformation in many ways, which were previously not imaginable. According to Forbes, "By…

2 years ago

Zycus Put Forward the Road Map for Middle Eastern Procurement

The future of procurement in the coronavirus era is uncertain. The recent coronavirus pandemic and subsequent work from home (WFH)…

3 years ago

Two to tango – When Human meets Machine

The rise in the growth of Artificial intelligence has been really quick in recent times. Hence, there is significant impact…

3 years ago