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Horizon 2019 – The Countdown Begins (3rd to 5th Nov19)

Horizon 2019
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Rich Keynote Speaker: Rich Karlgaard, Forbes Publisher, Entrepreneur and Futurist

It is this time of the year, when Procurement professionals roll-up their sleeves, not for some tough conundrums to solve in the confines of their cubicles but for focused conversations that have a lasting impact on their own careers and the businesses that they lead. Let’s pull the curtains down- it is Horizon time. Zycus is back with the 11th edition of its Annual Flagship Conference Horizon 2019 in Belmond Charleston Place, South Carolina, 3rd to 5th November 2019. The topic for this year is Beyond Digitalization – The Dawn of Autonomous Procurement.

We cannot stop, but awe at what the atmosphere is going to be like with 200+ procurement technology stalwarts thought leaders and 30+ speakers who will be speaking on diverse topics like Future-Proofing Your Company while you keep riding the technology wave to Supplier and Contract Management Risks. We are privileged to have Rich Karlgaard as our keynote speaker this year. Rich is Forbes Publisher, Economic and Business Innovation Thought Leader, and a successful author. When Zycus has moved beyond digitalization, Rich is the perfect technology sage to address us for this event. He will also be joined by our CEO Aatish Dedhia who will speak on Zycus’ vision on A.I. and Procurement.

Charleston is the second oldest city in America. Its charm and heritage are well preserved in not just the plethora of museums open for view. The draw of history can also be felt as one takes a carriage ride on a warm sunny day and passes by exquisitely fashioned buildings. We have taken care to include some rejuvenating items in our itinerary to make this experience a memorable one for our guests. Its three days of pure luxury.

If these are not reasons enough, attend Horizon for here are some snapshots from previous years and a glimpse of what this year has in waiting.


Knowledge- Learn from the transformation stories of Procurement


Networking- Develop relationships with 200+ senior Procurement leaders from all major industry verticals and the biggest brands like Porsche, Dow Chemical and Home Depot


Future- Interact with top industry analysts and thought leaders across event sessions and 1:1 chats

Indulgence- Revel in the historic charm of Charleston with Belmond’s true southern hospitality

Our sponsors for this year are Velocity Procurement, GRMS, and Axbility Consulting, who will showcase their insights. We have leaders from The Hackett Group, Forrester Research, Spend Matters, and more.

You can contact us at to know more about our closing offers.

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