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Wind of Change in Procurement-Landscape of India

Transparency, fairness, accountability and responsiveness are the most important aspects of governance. Any organisation that imbibes these values is able to sustain its growth and become globally competitive. It helps in building a positive image about the organisation among its various stakeholders.


The current government has been actively promoting e-procurement of farmer’s produce for both food processing and also retail consumption. The finance minister in his last budget speech also emphasised the need to enable e-procurement to directly access agricultural produce for national consumption for B2B and B2C purposes. Among a host of plans, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana will be implemented along with the progress of e-procurement programme so that agri produce can be transferred to the pick-up point just after the purchase has been affected online.

Recently, the government has also come up with an e-marketplace that will enable its departments to use new technologies to procure goods and services in a more transparent and efficient manner and with the same ease as offered by e-commerce sites. In addition, most of the central public sector enterprises have already implemented solutions for e-procurement, e-tendering, e-payment and e-receipt.

India’s new initiatives towards e-governance is helping in using information and communication technology creatively, simplifying complicated processes to bring transparency and easing out the decision making process. Infrastructure projects be it in power, road or any other sector, will benefit from this as it will generate cost-advantages and ensure effective and timely service delivery. The Indian government will soon realize an increased efficiency in procurement of goods and services and it will cleanse the process of procurement by public sector. It won’t be long when all big or small private companies in India will also realize the benefits of using an electronic management system in procurement to generate more ROI.

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