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Pulse 2014: Procurement Technology Adoption and Utilization Study

By Jagriti Chhateja
In Procurement Technology
Jan 13th, 2014

Seasons Greetings!

With the onset of 2014, Zycus strives to continue its efforts to drive procurement and overall business performance improvement. As a part of this initiative, we request your participation in a short study regarding Procurement Automation.

Pulse 2014 Survey

The key objectives of the Pulse 2014: Procurement Technology Adoption and Utilization study are to:

  • Update procurement performance benchmarks across such KPIs as spend under management, cost savings, contract compliance, sourcing and order cycle times, technology adoption, use and utilization.
  • Identify technology configurations, adoption, use and utilization levels associated with the strongest performance levels across various procurement KPIs.
  • Identify tactics most likely to drive successful procurement technology adoption, use and utilization.
  • Understand what capabilities procurement professionals now need to assist them in driving procurement and business performance to even greater heights.

The study should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. All qualified participants who complete and submit the study will receive a complimentary in-depth report of results (to be delivered via email) and also stand a chance to win an iPad Mini.

Click the download button below to access the report- “Pulse of Procurement 2014 Research Report”

Download Report


Please Note:

# You can leave and return to the survey as needed.
# Questions that cannot be answered with reasonable accuracy should be skipped
# Participants are strongly encouraged to write in comments that can help our researchers to identify emerging procurement trends and challenges that are not yet well understood.

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