Pulse 2014: Procurement Technology Adoption and Utilization Research Survey

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December 13, 2013
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December 17, 2013
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We need your help! As part of Zycus’ ongoing efforts to drive procurement and overall business performance improvement, we are, once again, asking for your participation in a short study.

Pulse 2014

Key objectives of the Pulse 2014: Procurement Technology Adoption and Utilization study are to:

  • Update procurement performance benchmarks across such KPIs as spend under management, cost savings, contract compliance, sourcing and order cycle times, technology adoption, use and utilization.
  • Identify technology configurations, adoption, use and utilization levels associated with the strongest performance levels across various procurement KPIs.
  • Identify tactics most likely to drive successful procurement technology adoption, use and utilization.
  • Understand what capabilities procurement professionals now need to assist them in driving procurement and business performance to even greater heights.

The study should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. All qualified participants who complete and submit the study will receive an in-depth reporting of results (to be delivered via email) and also stand chance to win an iPad Mini.

Click the download button below to access the report- “Pulse of Procurement 2014 Research Report”

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Please Note:

* You can leave and return to the survey as needed.
* Questions that cannot be answered with reasonable accuracy should be skipped
* Participants are strongly encouraged to write in comments that can help our researchers to identify emerging procurement trends and challenges that are not yet well understood.

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