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Mastering the Source-to-Settle Process

Source-to-Settle process is the end-to-end integration of all the sourcing and procurement activities. It defines the full scope of work and responsibility for the typical procurement department and its management of suppliers and transactions. The organizations that master this end-to-end process can turn procurement departments into profit powerhouses.

Join the Mastering the Source-to-Settle Process webinar in collaboration with ISM, as Andrew Bartolini will guide you through the key steps to master the Source-to-Settle process including the primary talent, operations, and systems’ strategies needed to succeed in the market today.

By attending this webinar the attendees will gain valuable insight into:

  • Key tools for a well-planned Source-to-Settle process
  • Technological tools necessary to drive your team towards procurement excellence
  • Best practices followed by the best-in-class organizations concerning Source-to-Settle process

Date: 28th March 2018, Wednesday

Time: 2 PM ET

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