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Celebrating Women Empowerment in the World of Procurement

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Zycus Recognized as a Visionary in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™
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Today while most of us are celebrating International Women’s Day, gender inequality is still prevalent in multiple parts of the Earth. Believe it or not but gender still plays a critical role in our lives and destines us to certain fates and expectations. The actions of the society caretakers are still not in alignment to the words that promote inequality in its truest sense. Sometimes, even today, the gender inequality ideologies run so deep that men and women both often don’t even realize they ascribe to them.

Women today, all around the world, are now reaching for the stars. They show their passion, perseverance in every little thing they do and come out to be better than men in a lot of scenarios. Even when it comes to the Procurement Industry, which is mostly observed to be male dominated. We still have woman procurement leaders who have transformed the procurement space and helped organizations meet their objectives. There are numerous woman leaders in the procurement domain, but we are still unsure of the credit awarded to them for their contribution.

Today at Zycus, a leading global provider of comprehensive, end-to-end Source-to-Pay solution suites for procurement, we appreciate these wonder women. We appreciate every lady in procurement who has worked behind bars, who have made procurement a better function and also those who never came out to be recognized as an asset to the organization. Yes, on this day, we thank all the women procurement professionals for their undying support to the procurement function. Without your leadership, organizations would not be able to manage their extensive spends efficiently, neither would they be able to save more and nor would they be able to conduct comprehensive sourcing events. Women have always been perceived to be impulsive buyers, however there are many who analyze before spending each penny.  When these brilliant minds join hands with the procurement function, they show wonders, by letting organizations save more, and meet their objectives. A lady in your team is as essential as any mother at your home.

Here are some examples of successful women leaders and their views on their peers:

“Yes, embrace women in Supply Chain. Their abilities are superb and when you select the right one, she can bring your company greater value than ever imagined”, says Mickey North Rizza. Mickey is recognized as a Top Female Supply Chain Executive and has transformed businesses from under-performing organizations and teams to significant contributing valued business partners in supply chain, procurement, sourcing, supplier relationships, and risk management.

“Most of the women leaders I know in the supply chain have achieved their success through their hard work, achievements and passion for the discipline. I know of several female Vice Presidents or Directors of Supply Chain that started with their current company as an entry-level analyst. These women have earned the respect of their colleagues through their intellect, dedication, leadership and ability to make a difference”, says Stephanie Miles, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services, Amber Road.

“Women leading major manufacturing and Fortune 500 corporations such as PepsiCo, Sara Lee, KraftFoods, DuPont, IBM and Yahoo will also support better positioning of women throughout the supply chain industry”, says Jessica Sanchez, Sourcing Systems Manager, C.R. Bard Inc.

We at Zycus ‘Thank you’ for all the contribution you have made to the Procurement and Supply Chain world and how you have helped businesses grow and save money.

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