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6 Most Downloaded Assets from 2013

6 Most Downloaded Assets from 2013
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We are moving on in the New Year 2014, as we do so, lets take a look back to 2013 and see the Most Downloaded Assets of 2013.

Below is a brief excerpt and the download link for the Best asset from varied domains within Procurement.

Advanced Spend Analysis: A new offering for your procurement initiatives

Spend analysis has evolved leaps and bounds from its initial stages of manual classification. This whitepaper provides an insight into the latest advances in spend analysis from Zycus Inc. From being known for analysis of historical spend data, spend analysis has now evolved to include features like automatic savings opportunity finder and real time classification etc.

To know more, Download this Whitepaper

Building An Effective Contracting Process

Organizations have long used contracts to conduct business. It provides the framework within which the organization carries out activities and tries to mitigate risks. Today, with a constant battle with the competitors to stay ahead and maintain a sound profit margin companies need to source from across the globe to save on cost and at the same time keep an eye on tight regulatory norms. This whitepaper provides an insight into a well defined and well managed contracting process.

To know more, Download this Whitepaper

The Path to Supplier Management Excellence

Suppliers have a direct impact on an organization’s product/service quality, competitiveness and product innovation. A good liaison between the buyer and the suppliers offers multiple benefits like reduced risk towards supply disruptions, environmental problems and/or safety issues. Implementing corrective actions before one of these problems results in a major financial loss should be a top priority for Procurement teams.

To know the 3 stages of effective Supplier Management, Download this E-Book

A 7 Step Guide to Strategic Sourcing

Today, strategic sourcing plays a crucial role in organizations. Procurement is under high pressure to meet their savings target and save on resources wherever possible. Many organizations are using sophisticated technology which makes the sourcing process efficient and helps save precious time, labor and cost resources. This E-Book outlines the 7 crucial steps for Strategic Sourcing

To know the 7 stages of Strategic Sourcing, Download this E-Book

Procurement Finance Collaboration

Savings – a term which serves as a commonality between procurement and finance has also been the main reason for disputes emanating from both the functionaries. Procurement is often seen of talking about savings it generates through cost avoidance; however, for finance this savings has no meaning since it does not see its impact on the bottom-line. Among the many challenges that procurement and finance face, arriving at a common definition of savings tops the chart.

To know more about Procurement Finance Collaboration, Download this Whitepaper

Touch-less Long Tail Spend – The New Benchmark for World Class P2P Process Efficiency

Fifteen years or so into the e-Procurement era, top performing organizations are distancing themselves from the rest of the market across a number of key performance metrics, especially in terms of more efficient requisition-to-order processes. Nevertheless, when even world-class performers are still required to correct one of every ten POs issued in the Procure-to-Pay process, current performance remains a far cry from the theoretical goal of a completely “touchless” P2P process. Where PO and invoice volumes number in the tens or hundreds of thousands, much higher levels of P2P process efficiency must still be achieved to fully realize the original value proposition, prompting an evaluation of the current and future state of P2P process efficiency.

To know more, Download this Whitepaper

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