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Is Zycus Procure to Pay Software a Future-Ready P2P Solutions?

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In this article, you’ll learn if Zycus Procure-to-Pay suite is a future log p2p solutions? You’ll understand what it means for your procurement function.

Procurement industry has seen a tremendous change in the last 25 years. Not only is the process of getting more and more complex, but there are inter-geography deals taking place. As companies look beyond their short-term goals, they’ve started realizing procurement-related issues and putting in efforts to understand and resolve them efficiently.

Talking about procurement problems, there are some that are easily identifiable like poorly integrated procurement systems, complicated payments, prolonged cycle-time, poor visibility on spends, etc. These are some of them that fall under primary issues. Once identified, one can look for the right procurement solutions to resolve it. Likewise, there are issues that an organization cannot easily understand unless it’s highlighted. Globalization is one of them. Unless you get to use a fully functional and agile  procure to pay software that supports all your globalization activities, you wouldn’t realize what you’re missing!

There are several ways Zycus P2P solutions can help your organization achieve increased adoption across geographies and lead to an uninterrupted global procurement process.

3 Ways Zycus Procure to Pay Software is Future-Ready for Increased Adoption

1. Multilingual Email Templates:

Imagine your supplier is in Germany and you need to send them an order proposal. As Germany’s official language is German, writing an email in German would increase the chances of an early response. This may also lead to good relations and reduced cycle-time for the complete process.

Zycus Procure to Pay Software now has over 9+ email templates available in their different modules which, along with easy integration, is a subtle booster in building good relations between buyers and suppliers.

2. Notifications On-The-Go:

There are several occasions when a requisition/approval goes on hold because the approver is on leave or traveling. Such instances not only hinder the turnaround time but also reduces the overall efficiency.

With Zycus P2P Solutions, users will now be able to receive an instant notification on their mobile phones, and the user can approve/reject any requirement without logging into the system.

3. Language Selection on TMS:

One always feels comfortable in his skin. When it comes to working, nothing beats working in an environment that supports your comfort zone. Zycus portal provides a complete solution in several different languages that can help users adopt the technology faster.

I have mentioned above a few of the features that can lead to better adoption internationally within users.

To know more about Zycus P2P solutions, you can schedule a demo with our subject matter expert.

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