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October 20, 2022
How Cognitive procurement Impacting Business Users

How is Cognitive Procurement Impacting Business Users?

Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence are changing the procurement process. Learn how cognitive procurement can help your business get the most out of its spending.…
February 22, 2022
Source to Pay Automation

Source to Pay: An Actionable Roadmap

How to start source-to-pay automation from scratch? Why automation of the procurement process is necessary? Learn the answers of all these questions at here!…
December 10, 2021
Source to pay

5 Key Benefits of Source-to-Pay process Automation

Learn about 5 important benefits of the Source to Pay process automation to upgrade your procurement to the next level!…
April 8, 2020
procurement bfsi

The 3 Rs of Procurement in European BFSI

What is the future of procurement function in European BFSI sector? This article investigates the 3Rs of Procurement in BFSI to find out the answers.…
June 21, 2019

How to Add Enterprise Value with Better Procurement Practices?

The best way for an organization to maintain its bottom line in the time of an economic downturn is through better procurement practices. This can be achieved through a combination of best-in-class procurement automation tool and greater adoption of the same. Intrigued? Learn More-…
January 28, 2019
This Chinese New Year, Use Strategic Sourcing to Procure Savings

This Chinese New Year, Use Strategic Sourcing to Procure Savings