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Celebrating Cognitive Contracting’s Impact

In the intricate world of business operations, contracts serve as the backbone, ensuring that enterprises run smoothly and efficiently. However, not all companies can boast of leveraging the most advanced technology to meet their contracting needs. The video “Embracing the Future: Cognitive Contracting Technology” offers an exclusive look into how some of the most forward-thinking companies have championed cognitive contracting technology, transforming their contract management processes and enjoying its benefits daily.

The Power of Cognitive Contracting:

Cognitive contracting technology represents a significant leap forward in how companies manage and interact with contracts. By employing advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, cognitive contracting automates and enhances various aspects of contract management, from creation and analysis to compliance and optimization. This panel discussion, moderated by Richard Waugh, Vice President of Corporate Development at Zycus, features insights from:
  • Tony Filippone, Chief Procurement Officer at AXIS Capital
  • Scott Thein, Deputy General Counsel at StoneX Group Inc.
  • Neil Schloss, Sourcing Manager for Indirect Procurement at Perdue Farms

Key Insights on Cognitive Contracting Technology:

  • Transforming Contract Management: Learn how cognitive contracting technology is revolutionizing contract management, making processes more efficient and reducing manual errors.
  • Strategic Benefits Realized: Discover the strategic advantages these leaders have experienced, including improved compliance, risk management, and operational efficiency.
  • Adoption and Implementation: Gain insights into the challenges and successes encountered during the adoption and implementation of cognitive contracting technology in their organizations.

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