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Strategic Sourcing Software

Step into the gateway of strategic supplier relationships and cost savings with Zycus’ Source to Contract Software

Realize Savings & Performance while Effectively Managing Risk

Zycus’ strategic sourcing suite helps organizations realize greater value by optimizing the complete source to contract lifecycle. With it’s AI enabled products, users can innovate, and take smart & swift decisions.

Maximize ROI with Zycus' Strategic Sourcing Software

The Zycus Strategic Sourcing Suite

Zycus Strategic Sourcing Suite' Key Features

Turn Spend into Savings | Source Seamlessly | Optimize Contracting| Choose Right Suppliers

Renowned Analysts Approve Zycus Strategic Sourcing Software


The Forrester Wave™: CLM for Buy-Side Contract Suite, Q4 2021

Zycus cited as a ‘Leader’ in The Forrester Wave™: Contract Lifecycle Management for Buy-Side Contract Suite, Q4 2021.
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2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure to Pay Suites

Zycus positioned in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Procure-to-Pay Suites for 4 consecutive years for its ability to execute and completeness of vision.
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The Forrester Wave™: Source-to-Contract, Q4 2019

Zycus cited as a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Source-to-Contract, Q4 2019
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Supplier Risk Management Framework: A Comprehensive Approach to Mitigating Supplier Risks
Moving Procurement to the cloud for resilient and efficient operations
Procurement Simplified – Real Problems Solved With Artificial Intelligence

Customer Success Stories

A Victorian Government Subsidiary in Australia Partners with Zycus to Reinvent their Procurement Processes
One of the World’s Largest Hotel Group Transforms Procurement with Zycus to Stay Ahead in the Hospitality Sector
Leading Electricity and Natural Gas Provider LG&E and KU Energy advances conduction activities with Zycus


Our strategic sourcing solution is a powerful tool for supplier risk management. It equips you with the necessary tools and features to assess and mitigate supplier risks effectively. With the solution, you can conduct comprehensive supplier risk assessments, evaluating factors such as financial stability, geopolitical risks, and compliance adherence. It enables you to monitor and track supplier performance, ensuring proactive risk management. By identifying and addressing potential risks, you can minimize disruptions, safeguard your organization’s reputation, and maintain a resilient supply chain.

Our strategic sourcing solution fosters seamless collaboration with internal stakeholders. It provides a centralized platform for communication and decision-making, allowing cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively. Whether it’s supplier evaluation, negotiation strategies, or contract management, the solution facilitates real-time collaboration, document sharing, and workflow automation. With everyone on the same page, stakeholders gain visibility into the sourcing process and can contribute their expertise, leading to better alignment and more informed decisions.

Our strategic sourcing solution comes equipped with robust analytics and reporting capabilities. It generates comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards that offer valuable insights into your sourcing activities. From supplier performance and cost savings to contract compliance and key metrics, these analytics help you identify trends, uncover opportunities for improvement, and drive additional value. With data-driven insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions, optimize your sourcing strategies, and continuously enhance your procurement operations.

Our strategic sourcing solution is designed to streamline contract management and ensure compliance throughout the contract lifecycle. It allows you to create, store, and manage contracts electronically, eliminating manual errors and ensuring easy access. The solution enables seamless contract collaboration, version control, and alerts for renewal or expiration dates. Additionally, it helps monitor contract compliance by tracking key terms, milestones, and performance metrics, ensuring your organization adheres to contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.

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