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eProcurement Software

Unparalleled visibility, control, and experience with AI-powered eProcurement Software
e-Procurement Software

Cognitive eProcurement Solution That Drives
Smarter Cost-Savings for Global Businesses

Supercharge your procurement with unmatched speed, effortless compliance, and unified data to deliver touchless PO transactions and simplified supplier collaboration

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89 end-user companies gave Zycus an overall 4.4 out of 5 in the Procure-To-Pay Suites category on Gartner Peer Insights as of Oct 2023.

Our Marquee Clientele

Embrace Next-Gen eProcurement Software


Adapts to Changing Business Needs

Merlin AI for effective catalogue management, simple requisitions, and updated virtual catalogues from trusted suppliers


Increased Adoption of Procurement Solutions

Intuitive user experience combined with real-time analytics, resulting in high adoption of procurement solution

Seamlessly Integrated E Procurement

Seamlessly Connected

Effortless procurement with interconnected modules, increasing adoption rates

eProcurement Software Overview

Search Compare And Buy On Online Store Vector

Search, Compare and Buy on Online Store

Empowering Requisitioners to effortlessly search, compare, and add items to the cart, create requisitions even on mobile, and view previous orders and favorite items, streamlining the procurement process for unmatched convenience
Streamline Requisitions With Guided Buying Vector

Streamline Requisitions with Guided Buying

Guide shoppers to approved catalogs, contracts, eForms, workflows, and suppliers for any requisition with exclusive Guided Buying technology from Zycus
Simplified Purchases With Buyers Desk Vector

Simplified Purchases with Buyer's Desk

Effortlessly create rule-based touchless PO, eliminating double data entry. Easily convert requisitions to purchase orders or initiate rapid sourcing events, saving time and improving efficiency
Multi Stage Goods Receiving Vector

Multi-stage Goods Receiving

Simplify receipts and increase visibility of receiving and verifying goods or materials from multiple supplier touchpoints
Efficiently Handle Returns Vector

Efficiently Handle Returns

The “Return Note” records and documents goods or materials returned by customers to suppliers or vendors, ensuring seamless return management

eProcurement Software Features that Set Zycus Apart

Smart Procurement Contracting

Smart Procurement Contracting

Enhance Supplier Collaboration

Enhance Supplier Collaboration

Complete Procurement Control

Complete Procurement Control

Easy Tax Compliance

Easy Tax Compliance

Flexible Receiving Options

Flexible Receiving Options

Effortless Volume Management

Effortless Volume Management

Instant Cross Catalogue Search

Instant Cross Catalogue Search

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Turbocharge Your Procurement Success with Zycus Advantage

The eProcurement solution that goes beyond the ordinary and gives you an edge over the competition
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Experience the power of Zycus’ comprehensive eProcurement suite, encompassing guided requisition management, simple purchase order management, touchless procurement, milestone payments, zero coding workflows, and robust catalog management. Streamline your entire procurement cycle with our integrated solution
Leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in Zycus’ eProcurement system. Benefit from data-driven actionable insights, touchless procurement automation, intelligent supplier selection, and advanced spend analytics. Harness the power of AI to drive efficiency, enhance decision-making, and unlock new levels of procurement performance

Customize Zycus’ eProcurement solution to align with your unique business rules and processes. Easily configure approval workflows, adapt to changing procurement requirements, define user-access rules for catalogs, and tailor the system to your specific needs


eProcurement stands for electronic procurement. It refers to using cloud-based systems to manage the entire purchasing process, from requisitioning goods and services to receiving invoices and making payments. eProcurement streamlines communication between buyers and suppliers, hosts catalogs, allows punch-out’s, automates tasks, and offers greater visibility into spending, ultimately saving your business time and money.
Traditional procurement relies heavily on manual processes and paper-based systems. E-procurement software leverages automation with technologies like AI to handle tasks, analyze spending patterns, and optimize supplier relationships digitally.
The five steps typically involve:
  1. Identifying Needs: Recognizing what your organization requires.
  2. Sourcing Suppliers: Finding qualified vendors to fulfill those needs.
  3. Managing RFXs (Request for Proposals/Quotes): Sending requests to suppliers and managing their responses.
  4. Processing Purchase Orders: Creating and managing official orders after selecting a supplier.
  5. Invoice and Payment Automation: Automating invoice processing and payments for efficiency.
Zycus e-Procurement provides AI-powered tools for intelligent features like:
  • Spend analysis to identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Predictive purchasing recommendations to optimize procurement strategies.
  • Automated workflows for streamlined processes.
Absolutely. Zycus’s e-procurement software is designed for seamless integration with a range of ERP systems, ensuring data consistency, process harmonization, and a unified view of procurement activities across your organization.
Zycus eProcurement ensures compliance with the latest procurement regulations through its generative AI framework that adapts to regulatory changes, automates compliance checks, and maintains an audit-ready trail of all procurement activities.
Zycus eProc software is ideal for large and complex enterprises looking to leverage advanced AI for intelligent procurement operations, seeking seamless ERP integration, and requiring a robust platform for global regulatory compliance across various industries.


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