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Guided Buying

Zycus has introduced “Guided Buying” as a P2P innovation that closes the compliance blind spot for off-catalog requisitions, enabling both higher levels of Buying and Process Compliance.

Also known as the GPS of P2P – “Guided Procurement System“, has the capability to prompt the user to specify their exact requirements by presenting a pre-configured, category-specific “Guided Form” which appears based on the user’s search term.

Key Features of Guided Buying

Auto Categorize White

Auto-Categorize User Self-Service Request

Guided e-forms

Menu of guided e-forms for off-catalog requisitions instead of blank, free-form requisitions

Auto Classify-white

Auto-classify to correct category code, map to GL account and default ship to/bill to from profile

Quick Source Advantages

Efficient Decision Making White

Efficient Decision-Making

Guided Buying guides the user via auto-classification search terms to ensure proper categorization and help them make efficient decisions.

Better Visibilities White

Better Visibility

In the Guided Buying model, the user gets full visibility of the approval workflow process upon checkout and approvers receive an automated e-mail alert.

Increased Efficiency White

Increased Efficiency

With the help of Guided Buying, there is an increased efficiency as this functionality auto-classifies the items and results in saving valuable time of the user.

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