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Generative AI-Powered Intake Management Software

Reimagine Procurement with AI-Powered Request Management
Generative AI-Powered Intake Management Software by Zycus

Make Procurement Easy for Everyone

Reduce intake friction and enhance user experience with GenAI-powered solutions. Say goodbye to complex processes and welcome a 70% faster intake time, empowering users, and optimizing processes.
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89 end-user companies gave Zycus an overall 4.4 out of 5 in the Procure-To-Pay Suites category on Gartner Peer Insights as of Oct 2023.

The Unique Generative AI Advantage: Transforming the E-Sourcing Landscape

Generative AI is a game-changer. Traditional eSourcing solutions were often complex and time-consuming, hindering adoption. Zycus eSourcing breaks down these barriers with Generative AI, making it easier than ever to achieve higher adoption and productivity.
teams and merlin AI

Seamless Procurement in the Flow of Work


Easy & AI-Guided

Merlin Assist provides conversational AI guidance, making procurement intuitive and accessible directly within MS Teams.


Intuitive Templates with Guide Me

Navigate sourcing events effortlessly with Guide Me's custom templates, adaptable for both simple and complex purchases.

Seamlessly Integrated E Procurement

Accessible to All

Bring procurement to every employee's fingertips, ensuring full visibility and collaboration at every stage.

Enhanced Efficiency & Innovation: Core Features of Intake Management Software

Centralized AI Platform

Centralized AI Platform

  • Integrates intake and request management within MS Teams.
  • Powered by Generative AI for streamlined processes.
  • Centralizes procurement operations for enhanced efficiency.
One-Click Sourcing Activation

One-Click Sourcing Activation

  • Instantly transition requests to eRFX or eAuction.
  • Simplifies sourcing with Merlin Assist and Guide Me.
  • Facilitates both simple and complex procurement events effortlessly.
Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

  • Immediate updates for timely approvals and actions.
  • Keeps all stakeholders informed and engaged.
    Enhances response times and decision-making efficiency.
AI-Guided Compliance & Collaboration:

AI-Guided Compliance & Collaboration

  • Automates compliance with procurement policies.
  • Fosters stronger collaboration within teams and suppliers.
  • Utilizes AI for guidance, ensuring policy adherence effortlessly.
Dynamic Routing & Local Support

Dynamic Routing & Local Support

  • Optimizes workflows based on roles, departments, and locations.
  • Provides support for specific requests (e.g., VPN configuration, AMEX cards).
  • Adapts to team changes without needing workflow updates, maintaining process integrity.

The Zycus Advantage: Transforming Intake Management

merlin on teams
Leveraging Zycus’s intake management solution to reduce the requisition cycle times, improving procurement efficiency.
At the heart of our intake management solution lies Generative AI, which not only speeds up the procurement process by 70% but also simplifies it.
Designed to integrate flawlessly with MS Teams, our solution ensures that procurement processes are brought directly into the flow of everyday work


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Success Stories

Understanding How an Australian Transport Organization Transformed its Procurement Process with Zycus’ Cognitive Procurement Suite
US based_retail_giant
A Leading US-based Retail Giant Streamlines its Procurement Processes with Zycus’ S2C Suite
Global energy storage giant
A Global Energy Storage Giant Reduces 92% Contract Cycle Time by Using Zycus’ S2C Suite


Procurement request or intake management is a systematic approach to handle and approve requisitions for purchasing goods or services within an organization.
Zycus’ Intake Management software streamlines procurement processes by making it available within the flow of work on MS Teams, this ensures policy compliance, and improves efficiency through automation and creates easy access for business users.
Key features include coversational AI embedded within MS Teams, automated request routing, compliance checks, real-time tracking, and seamless integration with procurement systems.
It enforces compliance by automatically matching requests against pre-set procurement policies and rules before routing for approval while understanding the user intent and matching output.
Generative AI analyzes request details and intelligently routes them to the appropriate workflow for approval, based on learned patterns and criteria.
Generative AI enhances user experience by automating unstructured requests into a streamlined request following policy and compliance, providing predictive text for faster form completion, and personalizing the interface based on user behavior.
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