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In Talks with Zycus: GBG USA Procurement Transformation

Welcome to our exclusive video session featuring John Cornetta, Director of Procurement at GBG USA. In this insightful interview, John shares the transformative journey of GBG USA’s procurement operations, highlighting the significant role Zycus has played in the GBG USA Procurement Transformation, enhancing efficiency, fostering innovation, and driving strategic growth.

Key Highlights from John’s Talk:

GBG USA’s Procurement Transformation: John provides a comprehensive overview of the GBG USA Procurement Transformation. He discusses the initial challenges, the strategic decisions that were made, and the impressive outcomes of their efforts.
The Impact of Zycus on GBG USA: Discover the transformative effect of Zycus’ procurement solutions on GBG USA. From automating procurement processes to leveraging cutting-edge analytics for smarter decision-making, John discusses the profound impact of Zycus on their procurement operations.
Strategies for Achieving Procurement Success: Gain valuable insights into the strategies and best practices that have propelled GBG USA to achieve its procurement goals. John shares actionable advice and lessons learned that can be applied across various industries to drive procurement success.
Looking Forward: John shares his vision for the future of procurement at GBG USA, emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation, agility, and the role of technology in driving further efficiencies and achieving long-term success.

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