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In Talks with Zycus: Crown Resorts Procurement Transformation

Welcome to our exclusive video session featuring Ben Briggs, Group General Manager of Procurement at Crown Resorts Limited. In this enlightening interview, Ben shares the comprehensive journey of Crown Resorts Procurement Transformation, highlighting the pivotal role Zycus has played in revolutionizing their procurement strategies, processes, and overall operational efficiency.

Key Highlights from Ben’s Talk:

Crown Resorts’ Procurement Overhaul: Ben provides a detailed account of the Crown Resorts Procurement Transformation. He discusses the challenges they faced, the strategic decisions that led to a successful transformation, and the significant outcomes of their efforts.
The Role of Zycus in the Transformation: Discover the transformative impact of Zycus’ procurement solutions on Crown Resorts. From automating complex procurement processes to leveraging advanced analytics for smarter decision-making, Ben discusses how Zycus has been instrumental in their procurement success.
Strategies for Procurement Success: Gain valuable insights into the strategies and best practices that have propelled Crown Resorts to achieve its procurement objectives. Ben shares lessons learned and actionable advice that can be applied across various sectors to drive procurement success.
Looking Ahead: Ben shares his vision for the future of procurement at Crown Resorts, emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation, agility, and the role of technology in maintaining a competitive edge and driving further success.

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