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AI Contract Risk Analysis with InstaReview: Transform Your Risk Management

Short Summary

InstaReview revolutionizes contract risk management by utilizing AI to upload, analyze, and extract metadata from contracts. It provides a risk dashboard that scores and categorizes risks into levels, offering intelligent insights into various risk factors through a Q&A format based on the contract’s clauses.


Key Learning Points:
  • AI-Powered Analysis: InstaReview uses AI to upload and analyze contracts, extracting crucial metadata.
  • Risk Dashboard: Offers a comprehensive risk dashboard that scores and categorizes contract risks into different levels.
  • Intelligent Insights: Provides insights in the form of Q&A on different risk factors, enhancing understanding and management of contract risks.
  • Clause Analysis: Identifies high-risk parameters, especially missing clauses, and offers detailed insights into the clauses present.
  • Raw Contract Display: Shows the part of the contract from which the AI derived its answers, ensuring transparency and trust in the analysis process.

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