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Zycus Horizon 2022 Awards Highlights

Step into a world of exceptional achievements with the Zycus Horizon 2022 Awards Highlights. Despite facing uncertainties, our awardees have once again demonstrated exceptional results and contributions. Zycus CEO Aatish Dhedia commends their contributions, emphasizing procurement’s pivotal role in organizational revival and economic growth. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable successes of Zycus Awards 2022 in this concise 6-minute recap video.

Key Learning Points:


Exceptional Results Amid Uncertainty:

Explore the remarkable achievements of Zycus Horizon 2022 awardees despite facing uncertainties.
Understand the resilience and innovation showcased by organizations in navigating challenges.

Recognition of Procurement’s Impact:

Learn how Zycus Awards highlight procurement’s ability to drive organizational revival and support economic growth.
Gain insights into the significant contributions made by award-winning organizations.

Commendation of Award Winners:

Discover how Zycus CEO Aatish Dhedia acknowledges the contributions of award winners.
Understand the importance of recognizing excellence and innovation in procurement practices.

Role of Procurement in Economic Recovery:

Explore how procurement plays a vital role in supporting economies as they heal and grow through crises.
Learn about the strategic initiatives undertaken by organizations to contribute to economic recovery efforts.

Highlights Recap Video:

  • Experience the highlights of the Zycus Awards 2022 in this concise 6-minute recap video.
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the exceptional results and contributions showcased by awardees.
  • Witness the outstanding achievements and contributions of Zycus Horizon 2022 awardees in this captivating recap video, reaffirming the transformative power of procurement in times of uncertainty.

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