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Horizon Testimonial: Coca-Cola İçecek’s Procurement Transformation

Welcome to our special video feature from the Horizon event, showcasing Leyla Delic, a key figure at Coca-Cola İçecek. In this captivating testimonial, Leyla shares the story of the Coca-Cola İçecek Procurement Transformation, highlighting the pivotal role Zycus has played in driving innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth.

Key Highlights from Leyla’s Testimonial:

  • Coca-Cola İçecek’s Transformation: Leyla provides an in-depth look at Coca-Cola İçecek’s Procurement Transformation journey. She discusses the challenges they faced, the strategic decisions that led to transformative outcomes, and the significant impact of their efforts.
  • The Role of Zycus in Their Success: Discover the transformative effect of Zycus’ solutions on Coca-Cola İçecek. From automating procurement processes to leveraging advanced analytics for smarter decision-making, Leyla highlights how Zycus has been instrumental in their procurement transformation.
  • Strategies for Achieving Excellence: Gain insights into the effective strategies and best practices that Coca-Cola İçecek implemented to achieve their procurement and supply chain goals. Leyla shares valuable lessons learned and actionable advice that can inspire professionals across industries.
  • Looking Ahead: Leyla discusses Coca-Cola İçecek’s future goals and how they plan to continue leveraging Zycus’ innovative solutions to maintain their competitive edge, drive further efficiencies, and achieve sustainable growth.


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