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Time and Cost Efficient Accounts Payable Automation Software

Drive significant time and cost savings with
AI-led Account Payable Automation
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Zycus differentiators delivering faster time to accounts payable automation

Template agnostic

Template agnostic invoice processing

Leverage template-agnostic approach for different document types and layouts, no need to create and maintain multitude of templates.
superior data

Superior data extraction accuracy

Benefit from a greater STP and higher data extraction accuracy using AI/ML, mitigate the need for human intervention.
Get up and Running

Get up and running faster

AI/ML capabilities require lesser samples to train, can handle documents in multiple languages and layouts.

How Zycus’ Accounts Payable Automation Software Can Help

Reduction in average time


Reduction in Average time to create an invoice

Average processing time

833 Hours

Average processing time saved per 50,000 invoices

Reduction in cost


Reduction in cost per invoice


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