Spend Analysis Software – Business Need

What happens when the organization-wide spend management is inefficient?
  • You often have no visibility into your business spend
  • Spend data may be inaccurately classified
  • The maverick spending may increase
  • Your organization may suffer on account of cost savings erosion

The robust Zycus Spend Analysis software, comprising of AutoClass™, iAnalyze, iMine and iCost modules, assures you this will not happen. We help you manage the organizational spend and identify critical savings opportunities in an easy manner.

How Zycus' Spend Analysis Software can help you?

We start by listening to your needs.

We then empower our spend analysis software to help you meet your procurement objectives, so you have greater business impact through:

  • Accurate, consistent, timely, detailed visibility into spending
  • Improved data quality and minimized maverick spend
  • Easy identification of savings opportunities to accelerate decision making
  • Spend data linkage with external market information

Spend Analysis Software – Features


It helps you to classify the spend through:

Patented artificial intelligence based automated classification mechanism

Ability to handle cryptic, abbreviated and misspelt data

Scalable engine which provides classification at the speed of 500k line items /hour to 2 million line items /hour

Multiple language support


It helps you to track fluctuating commodity prices through:

Identification and calculation of market trends of commodities based on the underlying cost drivers and its prices

Ability to track prices of more than 1200 commodities on a monthly basis

More than 300 cost models available for both commodities and services

Linkage of external market intelligence to internal spending data


Spend Miner-Find automated savings opportunities through easy creation of business constraints for data analysis. It also helps you to analyze the spend through:

Intuitive graphical reporting with ready-to-use spend reports by category, supplier, payment terms, diversity etc.

Power analysis for ad-hoc reporting across multiple dimensions

Savings opportunity pipeline to generate actionable savings from spend reports

User specific dashboards for easy access to relevant information

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