Request Management Software - Business Need

Challenges faced due to absence of Request Management software:
  • No single tracking mechanism for requests
  • Time-consuming, error-prone and cumbersome manual process
  • Lack of specialized templates as per request type
  • Huge disconnect between business users and procurement team
  • Difficult to track status of past requests

With Zycus' Request Management software, all these challenges will be a thing of the past. iRequest provides you with request specific form creation and hierarchal workflow approvals enabling you to collaborate easily with different departments for all procurement requests.

How Zycus' Request Management Software can help you?

We start by listening to your needs.

Then we configure and customize our Request Management software to meet your procurement organization’s specific objectives. You gain the power to influence business performance through:

  • Centralized platform for buyer and supplier to initiate any type of request
  • Track and process all requests from single platform
  • Assign a Project task by initiating a request
  • Minimal chances of error because of single platform for managing and processing request
  • Easy template creation and process configuration without any coding complexities
  • Detailed audit trail of all requests

Request Management Software – Features


  • One Stop shop for any type of request for Buyers and Suppliers
  • Single Dashboard for all historic and ongoing requests assigned
  • Graphical view of the workflow for easy tracking of request
  • Automatic flipping of request data into an activity
  • Email Notification on processing of request
  • Dynamic routing of workflows based on designation, department, location, etc. to avoid updating workflows when people change
  • Pre-canned strategic & tactical reports to analyze business metrics
  • Local support for process oriented request like request for VPN configuration, AMEX cards etc.
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