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Zycus Guided Buying

An Intelligent Guide to Effortless Procurement! Stop chasing down information and approvals. Zycus Merlin GenAI makes procurement a breeze with its intelligent guided buying
Zycus Guided Buying

Eliminate Maverick Spending and Bring Compliance with Zycus GenAI-powered Guided Buying

Zycus’ AI-powered Guided Buying takes the guesswork out of procurement with intelligent automation and user-friendly features
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89 end-user companies gave Zycus an overall 4.4 out of 5 in the Procure-To-Pay Suites category on Gartner Peer Insights as of Oct 2023.

Our Marquee Clientele

Effortless Procurement, Guaranteed Compliance


GenAI for Intelligent and Dynamic Buying

Unlike traditional solutions, Zycus Guided Buying leverages conversational AI within Microsoft Teams. Users can ask questions in plain English, eliminating the need to navigate complex menus or search for policy information. No more searching through manuals or complex workflows


Policy Enforcement with Flexibility

Configurable policy rules (purchase type, value, user category) ensure compliance with flexible control. Also, Merlin Assist's real-time policy guidance reduces errors with in-context reminders during requisitioning

Seamlessly Integrated E Procurement

Guided Analytics for Strategic Procurement

Merlin GenAI analyzes buying patterns and identifies cost-saving opportunities across categories or suppliers and also offers Guided sourcing decisions to improve improve overall procurement strategy

Key Benefits of Zycus Guided Buying Empowering Smarter Purchases

Effortless Navigation for Every User

Effortless Navigation for Every User

  • Intuitive Interface: Conversational AI integrated into Microsoft Teams guides everyone through the procurement process, regardless of technical expertise. No more getting lost in menus or complex workflows. Find goods & services quickly
  • Contextual Help: Get instant assistance and relevant policy information right within the workflow. Zycus Merlin Assist eliminates the need for searching through manuals or contacting colleagues for clarification
Streamlined Approvals for Faster Turnaround

Streamlined Approvals for Faster Turnaround

  • Automated Workflows: Eliminate manual routing and delays with intelligent workflows based on purchase type, value, etc.
  • Real-time Visibility: Track the progress with clear notifications and updates
  • One-Click Approvals for Common Items
Proactive Risk Management

Proactive Risk Management

  • Real-Time Compliance Checks: Zycus Merlin Assist flags potential compliance issues during intake process, ensuring adherence to company policies and regulations before purchases are made
  • Supplier Risk Analysis: Identify and mitigate potential supplier risks based on past performance data, and other external sources
  • Automated Audit Trails: For all procurement activities, reducing the risk of errors or fraud

Intelligent Supplier Discovery

  • AI-powered Supplier Intelligence: Understand the historic relevance and contract terms of suppliers
  • Automated Price Comparisons: Get real-time price quotes from multiple vendors to ensure you’re always getting the best deals

Reduce Maverick Spending by Guiding Users Towards Preferred Suppliers and Contracts

Highly Compliant
Improve compliance by ensuring users follow your company's procurement policies.
Intuitive User Experience
Streamline the buying experience with an Gen AI powered intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Faster Purchases
Increase user satisfaction by making it easy for users to find what they need and complete purchases quickly.
Available in Flow of Work
Allow users to access catalogue as per budget and policy within MS Teams.


Ways to Enhance Procurement Visibility & Control
Procurement Software
Integrating P2P with Strategic Sourcing Suite
AI Guidebook For The Forward-Thinking CPO

Success Stories

3 Legendary Stories of Procure-to-Pay Transformation
3 Legendary Stories of Procure-to-Pay Transformation
Zycus’ Procure-To-Pay Suite Purifies Procurement Processes of Australia’s Trusted Water Utilities Provider
Zycus Purifies P2P Processes of Australia’s Trusted Water Utilities Provider
Eproc Ss Thumb
European Hotel Group Increases Productivity with Zycus P2P


Guided buying is a procurement process that helps users find the right products and services, follow the correct purchasing procedures, and comply with company policies.

Guided buying can help your organization reduce maverick spending, improve compliance, streamline the buying experience, and boost procurement efficiency.

Yes, Zycus Guided Buying is designed to be easy to use for users of all experience levels. Merlin Assist Chat is powered by GenAI and available within your MS Teams setting as an App. This ensures that even new users can simple chat with Merlin Assist in natural language for their buying process. Merlin Assist ensures the best buying decisions which are compliant with your company policy

Yes, Zycus Guided Buying can be customized to meet your specific needs and company policies. Zycus Merlin Assist gets updated real time to any underlying policy changes or workflow changes etc. it is that simple.

Zycus Merlin Assist helps combat maverick spending by guiding users through the correct procurement process for every requisition. With pre-approved suppliers and contracts readily available, users can easily find compliant options, reducing the need for unauthorized purchases.

Zycus Merlin Assist acts as an intelligent guardrail for your procurement activities. The GenAI tool ensures real-time compliance checks embedded in the workflow, ensures adherence to company policies and regulations throughout the buying process.

Yes, Zycus Guided buying seamlessly integrates with most major ERP systems. This ensures smooth data flow and eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems.

Zycus Guided buying (Merlin Assist) boasts a converstational intuitive interface through the familiar Microsoft Teams that minimizes training needs. The system guides users through each step of the process, and contextual help ensures users have the information they need readily available. Additionally, Zycus offers comprehensive training resources to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your team.

Yes, Zycus offers comprehensive support for punchout catalogs from various sources, including popular marketplaces like Amazon Business. Zycus can integrate with over 1200 external punchouts. This integration allows you to leverage the extensive product range and competitive pricing available on these platforms within your Zycus procurement system.

Here’s how Zycus facilitates seamless punchout experiences:

Streamlined Workflow: Initiate punchouts directly from the Zycus platform, eliminating the need to navigate between different systems.
Centralized Control: Manage user access and permissions for punchout catalogs, ensuring responsible purchasing behavior.
Data Visibility: Gain insights into buying trends across all punchout catalogs, including Amazon Business, for informed decision-making.
By integrating Amazon Business punchouts with Zycus, you can:

Boost User Adoption: Provide buyers with a familiar shopping experience similar to Amazon, fostering user satisfaction and efficient purchasing.
Expand Procurement Options: Gain access to a vast selection of products and competitive pricing offered by Amazon Business.
Optimize Spend Management: Leverage Zycus’ powerful analytics to gain insights and identify potential cost-saving opportunities across all procurement channels.

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