An Intelligent Platform for Procurement

Zycus eProcurement software offers a new way to achieve compliance to preferred buying, where the platform itself guides users towards the right purchasing paths based on its intelligent self-learning engine. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence technology, the Zycus platform guides shoppers seamlessly to best-value purchasing decisions and delivers an unrivaled consumer-like shopping experience with natural language search to drive adoption without sacrificing crucial corporate controls on spending. Zycus eProcurement software seamlessly integrates Catalog Management, Requisition and Approval Workflow, and Purchase Order Management with other procurement functions, yielding superior performance across the entire Source-to-Settle spectrum.

Three Steps to Better Management with Zycus eProcurement Software

Robust Catalog

Our central platform empowers you to manage simple or complex user-access rules and to enable requisitioners to always see updated, consistent catalog options with product validation from suppliers.

Guided Requisition Management

Guide shoppers to approved catalogs, contracts, eForms, workflows, and suppliers for any type of requisition with exclusive Guided Buying technology from Zycus.

Simple Purchase Order Management

Eliminate double data entry with easy flipping of requisitions to POs or rapid sourcing events, covering all catalog-based, free-form, and blanket orders.


Gartner Report 2021

World Leading eProcurement Software Solutions Feature

  • Exceptional visibility and transparency with accurate, real-time data across all transactions
  • Amazon-like user interface that promotes user adoption
  • Automation that enables suppliers to control their operating costs
  • Emphasis on compliance, with linking of purchase orders to contracts
  • Best-value suggestions for any type of spend
  • Multi-conditional, dynamic workflows for approval management

Zycus eProcurement software is at its most powerful when integrated with ERP. Zycus iConsole does the job with virtually any ERP system. See ERP Integration Resources.


Zycus Advantage

Free-text Search

Off-catalog purchasing is an Achilles Heel of spend management. Zycus makes it exceptionally easy for people to use free-text searches to find what they need without ever needing to step outside approved and controlled procurement work streams.

Strategic Buying Decision

Zycus eProcurement software ensures that procurement strategy is reflected in each and every tactical buying decision.

Virtually Infinite, Global Scale

Our SaaS-based eProcurement software platform is available in 15+ languages with distributed availability across virtually every global region.


Zycus operates at the global leading edge of procurement innovation, rolling out features for eProcurement that are not replicated anywhere else.




Zycus e-Procurement solution helps in:

  • Quick and compliant business purchases
  • Improved visibility and efficient decision making as there is real-time availability of data
  • Enhanced approval management
  • Reduced error as Zycus offers highly inter-connected modules for quick and easy procurement procedure within the organization