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Procure to Pay Software

Seamlessly intuitive yet powerful procure to pay software solutions to meet your complex needs

Procure to Pay Software

Unleash Efficiency, Savings, and Strategic Insights:
Elevate Your Procure to Pay Experience

Break free from rigidity, embrace automation, and drive impactful decisions for increased savings with our Procure to Pay Software
“It is very helpful to work with a party who has understood and taken time to understand Heineken as a business and helped us with what we need for our development journey. The commitment of team at Zycus has helped us achieve all the deadlines”
Ruth bromley
- Ruth Bromley,
Director Procurement Development & Operations, Heineken

Our Marquee Clientele

Drive Exceptional Value with Highly Agile Procure to Pay Platform

Caters to Evolving Business Needs
Harnessing AI to ensure efficient catalog management, streamlined requisitions, automated invoicing and up-to-date virtual catalogs from trusted suppliers
Maximize Adoption of Procurement Solution
Intuitive user experience with real-time insights maximizes adoption rates, empowering your team to embrace procurement processes seamlessly
Seamlessly Integrated Procurement
Effortless procurement through seamlessly integrated procurement platform that works harmoniously to enhance efficiency and further boost adoption rates

Zycus Procure to Pay Solutions



Optimize Requisitions, Catalog, and PO Management with AI-Driven Procurement


Streamline Accounts Payable with Effortless Touchless eInvoicing, Powered by Merlin AI

Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN)

Enhance Collaboration with Unified Portal for Seamless Commercial and Transactional Data Management

Inventory Management

Reduce Costs and Maximize Efficiency with Merlin AI-Driven Inventory Management

The Zycus Promise

Intuitive UI
Simplified navigation and powerful search for a seamless consumer grade user experience
Merlin AI-powered centralization to manage vast transactions and supplier data effortlessly
Ensuring global and local adherence with intelligent features like "Contract Lock" and three-way document matching
Streamlined end-to-end procurement workflows and automated touchpoints for increased efficiency

Procure to Pay Software Features that Set Zycus Apart

Autonomous Quick Source
Revolutionize your sourcing with Zycus' Autonomous Quick Source, leveraging AI to automate and expedite the sourcing process with unmatched efficiency.
  • AI-Powered Matchmaking: Instantly connects requisitions with the best suppliers, using AI to analyze past performance and compliance.
  • Speed and Precision: Dramatically reduces sourcing cycle times while enhancing the accuracy of supplier selection.
Invoice Extraction
Zycus' Invoice Extraction feature utilizes advanced AI technologies to automatically process and digitize invoices, streamlining Accounts Payable operations.
  • Error Reduction: Minimizes manual data entry errors by accurately capturing invoice data through AI-driven extraction.
  • Enhanced Process Efficiency: Accelerates invoice processing speed, enabling quicker turnaround times and improved cash flow management.
Cost Allocation Prediction
Predict and manage your procurement spending more effectively with Zycus' Cost Allocation Prediction, using AI to forecast and allocate costs intelligently.
  • Predictive Insights: Offers forward-looking cost allocation insights, helping to budget and plan procurement spend more accurately.
  • Strategic Financial Planning: Enhances decision-making with AI-generated forecasts, optimizing spend and improving financial performance.
AP Smart Desk
The AP Smart Desk feature in Zycus' procure to pay software streamlines invoice approval and payment processes, incorporating AI to enhance efficiency and control.
  • Consolidated Invoice Management: Centralizes invoice processing tasks in a single, intelligent dashboard for better oversight and management.
  • Automated Workflow Optimization: Leverages AI to prioritize invoices based on payment terms, discounts, and supplier importance, ensuring strategic payment executions.


Leveraging Generative AI, Zycus automates and optimizes requisitions and approvals, ensuring smarter, faster decision-making.
Yes, our Generative AI-powered tools provide instant visibility and updates on purchase orders, streamlining procurement workflows.
Our AI algorithms automate invoice processing, from data capture to matching, significantly reducing manual efforts and errors.
Generative AI analyzes supplier data for insights on performance and risk, enhancing strategic supplier engagements and collaborations.
Zycus integrates cutting-edge Generative AI to offer a seamless, intelligent procurement experience far beyond what standalone systems can provide.
Absolutely, Zycus’ Generative AI enables highly adaptable and customizable workflows, tailored to your specific procurement operations.

Yes, Zycus’ P2P tool provides ‘Contract Lock’ that allows viewing the actual contract at the time of requisition and offers holistic visibility into contract terms while ordering.

Zycus’ ‘Guided Buying’ feature steers the user to approved, contracted and preferred suppliers and catalogs. The tool also shows other available supplier options to the user and off-contract purchases are then used as indications for the procurement team to create new contracts or renegotiate the existing ones.

Zycus’ procure-to-pay software ensures:

  • Improved Spend under Management: Ensure internal stakeholders buy through preferred, contracted suppliers.
  • Reduced Maverick Spending: The ‘Guided Buying’ feature steers users to approved, contracted, and preferred suppliers and catalogs. It auto-suggests categories from free text searches and shows supplier options to the user. Off-contract purchases are then used as indications for the procurement team to create new contracts or renegotiate existing ones.
  • Contract Utilization: To ensure that the savings value created in the source-to-contract cycle is being realized in the form of hard dollars, ‘Contract Lock’ allows viewing the actual contract at the time of requisition and offers holistic visibility into contract terms while ordering. Visibility into the contracts at the time of requisitioning provides for efficient utilization of the contracts.
  • Increased Compliance: Compliance entails policies that drive users to the company’s channel of choice (use the tool or adoption) and those that ensure that the negotiated savings show up in the bottom line. For channel compliance, spend visibility, including assignment to the department or budget center where the spending resides, is critical. After adopting a P2P solution, best-in-class companies show 85% of orders compliant with contracts and 75% of spending compliant with contracts.
  • Process Efficiency: Zero coding workflows, real-time spend visibility, flexible chart of accounts, guided buying, dynamic discounting, automated invoice extraction and 3- way matching of invoices allows for an increase in process efficiencies in addition to the hard dollar savings that are generated.

Zycus’ P2P software provides ‘Guided Buying’ that auto-suggests categories from free text searches, prompts users to fill guided e-forms with relevant specifications in case of first-time products and services, and maps/creates corresponding GL accounts. The P2P tool, through ‘Contract Lock,’ allows viewing the actual contract at the time of requisition and offers holistic visibility into contract terms while ordering.


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Success Stories

3 Legendary Stories of Procure-to-Pay Transformation
3 Legendary Stories of Procure-to-Pay Transformation
Zycus’ Procure-To-Pay Suite Purifies Procurement Processes of Australia’s Trusted Water Utilities Provider
Zycus Purifies P2P Processes of Australia’s Trusted Water Utilities Provider
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European Hotel Group Increases Productivity with Zycus P2P
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