Merlin for eProcurement

Zycus’ Merlin for eProcurement makes the existing buying process streamlined and quick with a plethora of supplier choices. It strengthens supplier relations, mitigates risks, empowers strategic initiatives such as new product development, thus supporting sustainable growth...

Merlin for eProcurement offers two unique AI-enabled products

Buyer Smart Desk

Buyer Smart Desk

Our product helps with the data-driven actionable insights that empower you to make fast and intelligent business decisions. It cuts down requisition to PO cycle time as it automatically processes all the non-catalog requisition to PO.
Buyer Smart Desk

Autonomous Quick Source

Reduces the time in selecting the suitable suppliers, thus, freeing up your bandwidth from the tactical PO process and making the entire process simulate a B2C type user experience.

Key Metrics

Reduction in PR


Reduction in
PR to PO cycle time
Increase in touchless PO transactions


PO transactions
Liberation in buyer time from tactical PO process


Liberation in buyer
time from tactical PO process
Decrease in PO processing cost


Decrease in
PO processing cost



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