Managing global compliance is difficult and demanding. Now, you can ensure hassle-free compliance and tax regulations with Zycus Global Compliance Solution

Content Compliance

Be country-specific compliant by configuring customized flexi-forms

With Zycus, you can maintain content compliance across all the countries with ease by using pre-defined templates and configuring country-specific forms as per your requirements.
Tax Compliance

Secure your business and save money by paying right taxes

With Zycus, you can now expand your business more strategically, as you can validate and make sure correct taxes are charged on every invoice.
eInvoice Compliance

Save time by streamlining the invoice process, facilitating invoice storage, and archiving obsolete invoices

With Zycus, enjoy stress-free tax audits, as you can maintain the authenticity and integrity of e-invoices across all the countries and can generate, validate, store, and archive invoices.


  • Easy onboarding and collaboration with all your suppliers via the Zycus supply network
  • Mitigate risk associated with eInvoice compliance
  • Validate the invoice content and tax values
  • Archive and digital signature support
Business Impact
  • Fulfill the requirements of all your business unit spread across the globe by delivering legally compliant invoices
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency by automating the process
  • Reduce processing cost and time
  • Smooth functioning of business and improved cash flows





In eInvoicing, legal compliance means acting in accordance with local rules and regulations that define how businesses can process eInvoices in a given country. As more governments implement digital tax reporting laws, eInvoicing has become the top of mind for many business owners. eInvoicing compliance is considered necessary for any business. Correct handling of VAT and other taxes reduces the risk of incurring fines or other penalties and ensures that companies receive correct nd on-time VAT refunds.
  • Authenticity of origin: ensure that eInvoice is sent by the invoice issuer and not by someone who is imitating them.
  • Legibility: ensure that eInvoices are in readable format throughout the entire document’s validity cycle.
  • Storage: the time span for which eInvoices should be archived and available for any tax inspection or audit.
There are two eInvoice models:
  • Post audit: The tax authority validates the invoice after the transaction is completed between buyer and seller. Post audit is currently prominent in Europe and US.
  • Clearance model: The tax authority first approves the invoice, and then there is a transaction between buyer and seller. It helps in reducing VAT gaps. Latin America is a pioneer in the clearance model, and it is spreading to newer countries as well.

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