Lack Of Expertise

Having a strong team with a clear vision and strategic coordination is important. However, there are cases where the team lacks expertise or knowledge about the industry which is necessary for execution of the vision. They lack the right kind of skills and mind set to carry out the process of procurement. Thus, developing the right talent for smooth functioning of the organization is important.


Whitepaper“Evolution of the chief procurement officer: From cost control to value creation” is a whitepaper. Solution: This paper talks about what a CEO expects from his CPO as well as the personality traits of a strategic CPO. Page 7,8,9 and 10.
Whitepaper“The looming talent crisis in procurement and how technology can help” is a whitepaper. Solution: This paper talks about attracting talent and its importance, Page 5 and ways to motivate talent which will lead to retention of expertise, Page 7-8.
WEBINAR“CPO game changer series-Volume 3: People, process and communication” is a webinar conducted by Andrew Bartolini, Chief research officer at Ardent Partners and Gabriel Kiewek, VP global procurement and material management at Praxair. Solution: This webinar solution talks about top sourcing challenges of 2016 and how to overcome the same. 14:03-19:06.

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