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Zycus Elevates Ease of Use with Multiple New Feature Releases across its Procurement Suite

PRINCETON, NJ, June 12, 2014 – Zycus, a world leader in Procurement Technology solutions across the source-to-pay cycle, has announced multiple new feature releases across its suite of procurement and business performance solutions.

“While we are already well known for building easy-to-use solutions,” says Zycus CEO and founder Aatish Dedhia, “we never rest on our laurels and are always listening and responding to procurement, sourcing and supply management professionals when they share with us how we can make them more efficient and effective in their jobs. Our most recent set of new features is all about speed, efficiency and ease.”

For procurement analysts, the latest release of Zycus’ Spend Analysis solution automates report scheduling according to enterprises’ weekly, monthly or quarterly spend-data refresh timetables. Routine reports can now be set to export automatically with email notifications; freeing procurement analysts to focus more time and energy on undertaking innovative and sophisticated analyses of spend data and other business intelligence. Other reporting enhancements include analysing spend data from a rolling time perspective, customized data export settings and personalization options to define default datasets and currencies.

For analysts, using Zycus’ advanced iCost feature, spend data will now be automatically integrated and fed to the iCost tool, eliminating data upload tasks and making it faster and easier to comprehend spending trends in context of both global and local market cost and pricing trends.

For strategic sourcing professionals, specialists and negotiators, Zycus’ new feature releases make it easier than ever to seamlessly pass information between eSourcing and Contract Managementsolutions and preferred desktop productivity tools such as MS Excel and Word. “Business professionals around the world are more familiar and comfortable with using desktop productivity tools,” observes Dedhia. “We have always believed that, in our relentless pursuit of ease of use, it makes perfect sense to integrate preferred, well-adopted tools rather than expecting people to abandon them. The integration engenders broad adoption across corporate organizations, which is where real business-performance improvements can begin to occur.”

Everything we do in development is driven by the customer and by our efforts to drive better, more competitive business performance through procurement, sourcing and supply management functions.

For supplier relationship managers, the latest major release of Zycus’ Supplier Performance Managementsolution adds multiple features to make it both easier and faster for distributed collaborators to provide input on supplier performance. The enhancements are intended to promote higher survey participation and completion rates, greater accuracy and statistical rigor in supplier performance data and more granular views into supplier performance problems and potential supply-related risks by locations and facilities. For example, a new survey timer function reminds survey participants of deadlines for entering their supplier performance data. New filtering capabilities allow users to isolate and flag mandatory and/or unanswered questions, while completion status indicators and summaries promote prompt completion of crucial survey elements.

The release also adds abilities for stakeholders to select and score performance only for suppliers and facilities relevant to them, improving accuracy and adding granularity to supplier performance insights. Embedded training videos assist participants in completing survey forms both accurately and efficiently. To minimize time burdens, survey participants can now leverage similar responses across multiple suppliers. The release also adds easy export/import capabilities for survey participants who prefer to complete supplier performance evaluation tasks offline, using familiar desktop applications such as MS Excel.

“There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of working procurement professionals who can point to a particular Zycus feature and say ‘I suggested that!’” Dedhia says. “Our reputation for customer responsiveness goes far beyond answering questions quickly or providing great technical support. Everything we do in development is driven by the customer and by our never ending quest to drive better, more competitive business performance through procurement, sourcing and supply management functions.”

Zycus Inc.

Silky Agarwal

Manager- Public Relations, Zycus Inc.
Direct : 1 866 563 9219

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