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Digital Reinvention: Understanding Procurement’s Importance In The Emerging Digital World

The impact of technological breakthroughs in the emerging digital age is significant not only for procurement but for the enterprise as a whole. The reason for this is that 70% of digital innovations in industry “are delivered through the supply chain.”

Despite the important role that an organization’s supply chain plays in digital success, a McKinsey study found that of the companies that participated in their survey, only 2 percent report that the supply chain is part of their “forward-looking digital strategies.”

This 2 percent revelation raises two very important questions:

  • Why despite its recognized importance to organizations regarding the realization of their digital objectives is procurement not even on the radar screen?
  • What can procurement professionals do to elevate its presence and influence in the emerging digital world?

Join Procurement Insights’ Jon Hansen to answer these as well as other important questions regarding procurement’s digital reinvention along with the guest panel of industry thought leaders, Colin Cram & Rob Handfield who will talk about what must take place for you and your organization to digitally reinvent your future success.




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