The Need for Government Procurement Transformation in ANZ

Digital transformation has taken the centre stage in every industry and Government is no exception. Governments across the globe are strategically aiming at improving their existing technology landscape to offer world class services to their stakeholders and the people at large.

While digitalization is necessary, ensuring data privacy, driving savings, risk mitigation, and building synergies across different Government departments is pertinent. Manual or legacy procurement processes do not meet all the modern-day procurement needs at once. This emphasises the need for a holistic Procurement Transformation Strategy that addresses all the above pain points, while driving economic and community value to help Governments serve their people.

Our Vision for Government Procurement Transformation in ANZ

With over two decades of experience in the procurement domain and a special focus on the Government segment, Zycus has been at the forefront of Government procurement transformation across the globe.
Zycus helps Governments address their key strategic priorities
Social Procurement
Social Procurement

Driving community value, in addition to driving purchaser and supplier value differentiates Government procurement transformation initiatives from commercial ones. Zycus helps drive this by capturing information on social procurement objectives at supplier, contract, and performance levels.

– Aatish Dedhia, CEO, Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Our Solutions

Strategic Sourcing Suite
A strategic sourcing suite helps procurement teams improve spend visibility, automate sourcing process to reduce sourcing cycle time, create a centralized repository for contracts and enhance compliance to contract terms, and reduce risks from lagging supplier performance.
The Zycus strategic sourcing suite comprises the following solutions: