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Make Procurement

World’s first Generative AI powered S2P Platform that helps you achieve 10X speed and efficiency in procurement.

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Make Procurement

World’s first Generative AI powered S2P Platform that helps you achieve 10X speed and efficiency in procurement.

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Do More with Less
Zycus’ Generative AI Powered Source to Pay Solutions

The Zycus Ecosystem

Integrated S2P Suite – Sophisticated yet simple

An organically built Source-To-Pay Software Suite that is critically acclaimed by leaders for its innovation, value addition to business, and ease-of-use.

Merlin for Contracts

Assured compliance through analysis of contractual risks.

Merlin for Risk

360° supplier risk identification from millions of online sources.

Merlin for E-Procurement

State of the art offering for touchless procurement experience.

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Merlin for E-Invoicing

AP on auto-pilot with Merlin for e-Invoicing or significantly reduce invoice processing time & cost.

Merlin for spend

Discover savings opportunities and rebates.

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Streamlined Sourcing Strategy with Advanced eSourcing

  • Flexible Event Management for both simple and complex sourcing needs.
  • Accelerated Sourcing Cycle reduces time by 5-15%, enhancing efficiency.
  • Real-time eAuction Insights with comprehensive bid analysis for optimal decisions
  • Advanced Features & Collaborative Tools for large-scale, stakeholderengaged sourcing.
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Contract Management

Elevate Contract Management with Zycus iContract

  • Accelerate Contract Lifecycle from creation to execution,reducing time and risk.
  • Digital Asset Transformation for easy access and analysis of contracts globally.
  • Maximize Contract Value through comprehensive performance management and compliance.
  • Advanced AI for Risk and Compliance ensures proactive contract management and optimization.

Supplier Information Management

Supplier Excellence with Zycus Supplier Management

  • Simplified Supplier Self-Service Portal for seamless onboarding and data exchange.
  • Master Database Management for centralized supplier information and compliance.
  • Comprehensive Supplier Insights to inform strategic selection and management.
  • Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN) facilitates direct, efficient supplier collaboration.
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Supplier Risk & Performance Management

Integrated Supplier Risk and Performance Management

  • Proactive Supplier Risk Identification with AI-powered tools to mitigate disruptions.
  • Enhance Supply Chain Resilience by reducing the impact of supplier risks.
  • Real-time Supplier Performance Measurementfor continuous improvement insights.
  • AI-driven Supplier Risk Radar for efficient, comprehensive risk monitoring and assessment.
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Get global spend visibility to maximize cost savings

  • Amazon Like Experience to search, compare and buy on online Store
  • Manage Request with Generative AI powered by Merlin Assist
  • Rule-based touchless PO and initiate rapid sourcing events
  • Simplify Receipts and increase visibility of receiving and verifying goods


Maximize Efficiency with AI in Invoice Management

  • AI-driven, touchless processing for unmatched efficiency.
  • Dynamic Discounting enhanced cashflow and supplier relations
  • Global E-invoicing Compliance.
  • Robust Supplier Network with simplified invoice generation.

Spend Analysis

Multifold Savings with Precision Spend Analysis.

  • Automated Spend Classification enhances data accuracy and uncovers savings.
  • Robust Reporting for easy, actionable savings opportunities.
  • Informed Sourcing Decisions with advanced analytics for global spend visibility.
  • Granular Insights offer deep dive into spend patterns for optimized procurement.
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Insight Studio

Empower Strategic Decisions with Zycus Insight Studio

  • Streamline Cross-Module Reporting for enhanced inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Customizable, Comprehensive Reporting unveils deep procurement insights.
  • Centralized Data Platform ensures greater visibility and unified intelligence.
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface simplifies reporting, reducing reliance on traditional tools.
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​Supplier Network

Streamline Supplier Engagement with Zycus Supplier Network

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Transparency with suppliers to improve communication and trust.
  • Strategic Procurement Focus by freeing up resources for critical activities.
  • Reduced Cycle Times for efficient invoice processing and timely payments.
  • Comprehensive Visibility and Control over transactions, documents, and sourcing assistance.
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Project Management

Elevate Procurement Projects with Zycus Project Management

  • Dynamic Project Tracking for real-time status and task monitoring on a unified platform.
  • Category-Specific Standardization ensures consistency with tailored rules and templates.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration via project journals for sharing insights and best practices.
  • Comprehensive Visibility and Control with Web 2.0 integration, Gantt charts, and analytical reporting.
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Request Management

Transform Procurement with AI-Driven Request Management

  • Generative AI for Seamless Intake ensures 70% faster request processing with intuitive guidance.
  • MS Teams Integration for in-flow work requests, enhancing accessibility and collaboration.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Notifications keep all stakeholders informed at every stage.
  • Dynamic, Secure Workflow Routing adapts to changes, ensuring compliance and data security.
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Savings Management

Maximize Cost Savings with Zycus iSave

  • Cross-Functional Savings Visibility across all procurement activities.
  • Enhanced Compliance with procurement and contractual processes.
  • Risk Mitigation through Advanced Analytics for smarter cost management.
  • Streamlined Savings Management awith auto-mapped financial impacts and collaborative workflows.
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Cognitive, Composable, Conscious

The only originally built and seamlessly integrated procurement platform.

Generative AI to Forefront
Sustainable Procurement with Lythouse


Transforming Procurement through Conversational AI

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Generative AI-Powered Intake Management

Making Procurement Easy for Everyone

The Zycus Legacy

Consistently Recognized by Analysts

Learn Why Leading Large Enterprises Love Zycus!

Porsche Cars NA adds wheels to its procurement processes with Zycus solutions

Porsche Cars NA adds wheels to its procurement processes with Zycus solutions


SM Retail transforms its source-to-pay operations with Zycus’ suite of solutions

Delta airlines
Unlock the Secrets of Delta Air Lines’ Procurement Success

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