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contract management

By Priyanshu Borah
Feb 22nd, 2017
It is often perceived that an organization’s sales and marketing are major contributors to its bottom line, however contract administration has an e
By Vaibhav Sekhsaria
Feb 15th, 2017
Zycus is back with its annual ‘Pulse of Procurement’ survey. The survey is open for procurement professionals from all around the world. This s
By Farheen Memon
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Dec 29th, 2016
2016 has been one of the better years for procurement with increasing C-suite support for procurement and diminishing resistance to technology adoptio
By Poulami Mukherjee
Dec 6th, 2016
The journey towards a Source-to-Pay (S2P) transformation has the potential to produce a pipeline of tremendous efficiencies for Procurement in the Oil
By Aakanksha Gupta
Sep 2nd, 2016
It has been almost 2 years since the news of the global oil-price collapse came. 2014 was a year marked by a price shock which was around $100/barrel
By Poulami Mukherjee
Jun 15th, 2016
For a very long time the only reference I had for integration were those god awful mathematical sums that I could never solve. By far I always found i
By Yash Asher
May 9th, 2016
It is no secret that large enterprises increasingly engage with a large number of far-flung suppliers in today's globally connected world. Companies d
By Aakanksha Gupta
Apr 28th, 2016
Believe it or not but contracts are the core process of any organization in today’s world. And legal has become the crux of everything a company doe
By Bhavesh Shah
Apr 1st, 2016
We completed our Financial Year end recently, and while most departments spent the day watching sports or organizing team outings, some of us, namely