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Zycus University

How do we do this?


Champions Program

Zycus University helps up skill client identified members to leverage the Zycus Suite as per their own Business Processes through multi-skill level talent programs. We work with your procurement and training teams to specifically tailor these programs as per your requirements. Each level entails up to 8-10 hours of customized training, testing, and certification.

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Customized On-site & Off-site Training

We understand each organization, industry and country have their culture, geographic and legal constraints. These result in intricate differences that are unique to your organization. Zycus University works with your leadership, procurement team and training set -up to design and deliver training programs to suit your needs. These training programs can be delivered on-site or remotely via high bandwidth webcast.

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Webinars (Standard functionalities and releases)

At Zycus we release multiple updates for our product suite. These result in changes to the product functionalities and constant updates to our best practices documents. We share these with our client base via webcasts as per a pre-planned schedule. These are free for our client base to attend. Being up-to-date on these improves the value our products deliver and assists in increasing effectiveness.

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Our Impact

  • Over 600 customized sessions delivered in 1 year (on an average 3 sessions per working day)
  • An average of 25 Webinars scheduled per month
  • Over 4000 individual interactions
  • Over 1200 on-site interactions
  • Our sessions are rated 9.71 out of 10 by attendees

What our clients have to say about university

“Appreciated the adaptability of the trainer to alter his training to suit my requests”
“Very effective format; learn a segment then practice. I benefited greatly from the trainer’s knowledge and skill on the application. Thank you.”
“The instructor did a great job of explaining everything and answering all of my questions.”

“The training was great. I went from never logging in before to having a good grasp on what the product is all about. The trainer made things very easy to understand and had a good balance of examples and showing us demos to having us try and build our own reports.”

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